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Rallyman: DIRT by Holy Grail Games
Get behind the wheel and race against the clock as you drift, slide, jump and push your luck through your own high-octane Rally!
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Project overview

Rallyman: DIRT is a 1-6 player, roll and move rally game by Jean-Christophe Bouvier. Tackle the twists and turns of a rally course, racing against the clock to get the best time and take the trophy!
Roll your dice to navigate the track as fast as you can, but beware of getting too many warnings or you’ll spin out!
Rallyman: DIRT is an addictively simple rally game with a lot of strategic depth. Drift around sharp turns, take jumps, cross water hazards and cut corners to shave as many seconds from your time as you can, but don’t push your luck too far...
If you'd like to know more about the game, including written and video playthoughs, reviews and more, check out the original Kickstarter page here!
The contents for this project are due to be delivered around July 2021.

Campaign Bundles

Rallyman: DIRT Expansions

Rallyman: GT and Expansions

Please note that Rallyman: GT and its expansions are currently sold out in stores. However, they will be restocked in December 2020 if you would like to acquire them earlier than through this campaign.