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Museum: Deluxe by Holy Grail Games
Museum, the beautiful set collection game, is back with a Deluxe box, new expansion, update pack and more!

Project overview

If you'd like to know more about Museum and its expansions, you can visit our website!

Kickstarter Exclusive

  • Museum Newcomer bundle

    Museum Newcomer bundle

    €150.00 €177.00
    Contains EVERYTHING for Museum!
  • KS content bundle

    KS content bundle

    €55.00 €60.00
    Pack containing all the KSE content for Museum
  • Deluxe Box

    Deluxe Box

    €30.00 €40.00
    Museum: Deluxe Collectors box. Includes all the new content from the Deluxe campaign!
  • KS Exclusives

    KS Exclusives

    €20.00 €25.00
    All the KS exclusive content from the original Museum campaign and Deluxe!
  • The C'thulhu Relics

    The C'thulhu Relics

    €10.00 €15.00
  • The Historians

    The Historians

    €10.00 €15.00
    Unlock the secrets of history with this campaign exclusive expansion!


  • Museum


    €45.00 €50.00
    The Museum core game
  • 2nd Edition Update pack

    2nd Edition Update pack

    €5.00 €7.00
    Upgrade your existing copy of Museum to Second Edition!
  • The Archaeologists

    The Archaeologists

    €18.00 €22.00
    Gameplay expansion
  • The Black Market

    The Black Market

    €18.00 €22.00
    Gameplay expansion
  • The World's Fair

    The World's Fair

    €18.00 €22.00
    Gameplay expansion
  • The People's Choice

    The People's Choice

    €18.00 €22.00
    5th player and Gameplay expansion


  • Player Boards

    Player Boards

    €4.00 €7.00
    Thick Museum boards to replace the stock mats.
  • GameTrayz Insert Set

    GameTrayz Insert Set

    €20.00 €25.00
    Plastic inserts for use with existing boxes.
  • Card Sleeves - Museum DELUXE bundle
    Protect all of your Museum collection with premium sleeves!
  • Card Sleeves - Small
    Premium card sleeves for Small format (45x68) cards
  • Card Sleeves - Medium
    Premium card sleeves for Medium format (63x88) cards
  • Card Sleeves - Large
    Premium card sleeves for Large format (65x100) cards
  • Card Sleeves - Xtra Large
    Premium card sleeves for Extra Large format (65x120) cards


  • STORE - Deluxe Box Bundle
    Museum: Deluxe Collectors box. Includes all the new content from the Deluxe campaign!