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Wutaki by Hodari Spiele Hodari Spiele
Don't be fooled by Wutaki's cute looks! It's a cutthroat and highly interactive modern worker placement game!
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Project overview

The Pledge manager is open until 14th of June. Please finish your order soon.
Any orders after the PM is closed can not be guaranteed.

Welcome to the Pledge Manager of Wutaki!
Become one of the tribal leaders to determine the fate of Wutaki.
Use your workers efficiently to collect resources & omen cards, gain more workers, upgrade locations and your tower of power as well as fulfilling mighty pacts to win all, that is Wutaki.

New Cover
As you might have already seen: Wutaki has a new cover design. We hope you like it and just want to make sure that nobody is confused with the new image.

Kickstarter Backers
If you backed Wutaki during the Kickstarter campaign, the Pledge Manager is where you will finalize your pledge, provide your shipping address and pay for shipping.

In your cart you will find credits, equal to the amount that you pledged during the KS campaign.

The next steps:
  1. Choose or upgrade your pledge.
  2. Select Add-ons and additional pledges. (optional)
  3. Fill in your shipping details and phone number! !important!
  4. Proceed Payment, if neccessary.

Late Pledges
Welcome! Thank you for considering to join our project and offer your support.
Just pick your desired pledge and check-out.

The printed rules in english & german are included in every copy of Wutaki. So you don't have to pick a language version.

If you want to watch any videos (reviews, previews, playthroughs, rules) about Wutaki please find them in the original Kickstarter campaign in the lower third.

Shipping Information
Please note that the information which was displayed during the Kickstarter campaign were shipping estimates, as the pricing was not finalised. Shipping was not charged during the campaign and you will have to pay for shipping during check-out. We have tried our best to provide the best possible quotes and we are utilising multiple hubs for fulfillment.

Foreign countries that are not listed in our shipping coverage for now have been marked with a shipping cost of 999€. If you run into this, please don't proceed or pay but contact us so we can add your country!

If you have any questions please contact us immediatly: kontakt@hodari-spiele.de

Pledges Pledge Levels as you can find them in the Kickstarter campaign.

Optional Add-Ons