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Libertad o Muerte! by HeadquarterGames HeadquarterGames
The game on the Independence of Latin America in the 1800's, playable with 2 scenarios and 2 campaign games. For 2 players, one Patriot will try to get the independence and the Royalist side will try to keep the colonies for the Spanish Crown.

Project overview

Libertad o Muerte! project was launched on Kickstarter last year at the same time on PC based platform and also on tabletop game version. The campaign was successfully funded and here we offer you the possibility to enter as a Late Pledge backer or as the original Kickstarter backer to manage your orders or to order additional products from our different lines.

You can access the Kickstarter page to see further content, videos and pictures of the game:

You can also access our home page to read more info about this and other projects, such as: