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Veilwraith: A Solo Fantasy Quest Game by Hall or Nothing Productions Ltd Hall or Nothing Productions Ltd
The world has ended - but from beyond the Veil memories abide, and the Veilwraith rises...
Veilwraith base game

Veilwraith base game

The world has ended - but from beyond the Veil memories abide, and the Veilwraith rises..
31.8 x 22.7 x 7.2

Product description

Veilwraith is a fantasy card game set after the end of the world featuring deck building elements for 1 player. It can can also be played multiplayer with up to 4 Veilwraiths, where each player must have their own copy of the game.

Players: 1 (up to 4 with extra copies)           Time: 30-40 minutes                       Ages: 12+ 

Although set in the same universe as the Kilforth games, Veilwraith is an entirely new game with completely new mechanics! Why not let the dulcet tones of Ricky Royal talk you through the gameplay...

From the award-winning team behind Shadows of Kilforth and Gloom of Kilforth: A Fantasy Quest Game - the sell-out game from Tabletop Gaming Magazine's Top Ten Games of the Year - and 1066, Tears to Many Mothers - the beautiful historical card game, nominated for a Golden Geek Award and an Origins Award and winner of a 2018 Best Art Award - Veilwraith is a new and unique adventure experience in a shattered and broken world.

More info

As with all of our games Veilwraith is Solo Friendly, indeed it is a solitaire game. Unlike other games you don't have to manage multiple heroes, you play as a single Veilwraith against the world - or what is left of it. Multiplayer games are also possible too, allowing multiple Veilwraiths to adventure together, providing each player uses their own separate copy of the game (and expansion, if the expansion is used).

As many of you know, no one does art in games quite like Hall or Nothing Productions: there are over 100 unique and gorgeous images in Veilwraith, and even more in the Absolution expansion. The starkly beautiful black and white style is unlike anything we've done before - it seeks to immerse you in the colourlessness of the Veilwraith's desperate world.
To this end, we have an international team of mega artists working tirelessly to bring the broken world of Veilwraith to life, led by Mikhail Greuli and Jose del Nido.
  • Experience the haunting beauty of the end of the world
  • From award winning game designer Tristan Hall
  • Uniquely illustrated, broken world - hundreds of beautiful, unique images
  • Level up your deck of Memories over a gripping campaign
  • Addictive card play with many actions and options to choose from each turn
  • Discover the shattered beauty of the Vana lands
  • Bring peace to the Deja – troubled souls, trapped beyond the Veil
  • Vanquish malicious Anima – twisted wraiths and cursed spirits
  • Myriad encounters and Foes (bosses) provide unlimited replayability
  • 1 Player, 30-40 mins (more players can join in with their own copy of the game)
  • 120+ high quality tarot-sized cards
Veilwraith is played over a series of games or ‘Vignettes’ which together make up a Campaign. Each Vignette the player, as the Veilwraith, must collect 5 Keys, and defeat all of that Vignette’s Foes, all whilst evading the watchful eye of the Archfiend. Once they have collected all 5 Keys and defeated all the Vignette’s Foes, only then can they try to reach the Portal in time to escape back beyond the Veil and win the game.