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Veilwraith: A Solo Fantasy Quest Game by Hall or Nothing Productions Ltd Hall or Nothing Productions Ltd
The world has ended - but from beyond the Veil memories abide, and the Veilwraith rises...
Veilwraith + Playmat

Veilwraith + Playmat

1 copy of the Veilwraith core game + 1 copy of the 2-sided playmat. Includes all Stretch Goals. Does NOT contain the Veiled Wraith alternative art pack (which can be added separately).

Product description

The large (946mm x 446mm or ~37.2 x 17.5 inches) neoprene roll-out playmat is a stunning monochrome art print and will be in the classic Hall or Nothing playmat style on lovely, thick material, with nice, stitched edges for extra longevity. Each playmat accommodates a single player, so additional players should use their own playmats. Note that playmats are not required for play. This beautiful landscape is from the mind of the insanely talented Mikhail Greuli:  

More info

And now, as a celebration for all of us and as a massive thank you to you guys for obliterating the £100K milestone the already magnificent playmats will now be double-sided! That's right - they will have a full gorgeous alternative art print on the reverse side, just like we did with the beautiful Shadows of Kilforth playmats...
(Playmat reverse art (mock-up))


A full play-through of the second Vignette with the legendary Ricky Royal: