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1565, St Elmo's Pay: The Great Siege of Malta by Hall or Nothing Productions Ltd Hall or Nothing Productions Ltd
Relive the 1565 Siege of Malta 'the Greatest Siege in History' in this gorgeous 1-2 player, 30-40 minute, non-collectable card game
1565, St Elmo's Pay Promo Pack

1565, St Elmo's Pay Promo Pack

8 brand new, gorgeously illustrated cards for 1565, St. Elmo's Pay + 2 promo cards for 1066, Tears to Many Mothers!
6.5 x 9 x 6
£7.00 £11.00

Product description

1565, St. Elmo's Pay: Promo Pack" includes 8 brand new, unique, and gorgeously illustrated cards to add to your games of 1565, St. Elmo's Pay! Four new real life events from the Greatest Siege in History, and four more unsung heroes from the battle - including the courageous Salih Reis, and the bold Vincenzo Anastagi - add even more stunningly realised and richly researched content to your Ottoman and Malta decks. Enhance the variety of your gameplay options, and find new ways to surprise your foe - simply shuffle these promo cards into your game and you are ready to go! 
Also includes two brand new promo cards for the game "1066, Tears to Many Mothers."