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1565, St Elmo's Pay: The Great Siege of Malta by Hall or Nothing Productions Ltd Hall or Nothing Productions Ltd
Relive the 1565 Siege of Malta 'the Greatest Siege in History' in this gorgeous 1-2 player, 30-40 minute, non-collectable card game
1565 Mat (stitched edges)

1565 Mat (stitched edges)

This beautiful neoprene playmat offers a stunning framework for your games of 1565, St. Elmo's Pay.
82.5 x 40

Product description

The 33 x 14 inch large neoprene roll-out playmat is a stunning full colour art print. The playmat fits both armies on it, and can be used in solo or two player mode! This gorgeous image of the battle is from the insanely talented Mikhail Greuli.