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The Gatherers: Tiny Kingdoms Tabletop Roleplaying Game by Half-Monster Games Half-Monster Games
An Augmented Reality card-based roleplaying game that combines The Secret World of Arrietty, The Borrowers, and Dungeons and Dragons, that you can play in all the rooms of your actual house with our unique Physical Play game mechanics. Become tiny warriors just two inches tall, living in your attics, cellars and walls!

Project story

2 - 8
Play time
3 h
5 +

Create a clan of tiny warriors who live in your actual house in this charming roleplaying game from Half-Monster!

How to Play 🎲

When you sit down to play a session of The Gatherers with your gaming group, under the guidance of your Game Master (GM), you will enter a fantastic world that exists all around us - a world between our walls, in our gardens, under our floorboards, and in our attics. This is the world of the Gatherers! 

Gatherers are tiny folk that live among us, hidden and unseen by humans (who they call Giants). They gather things from us and from our houses, and they fear Giants above all else. Gatherers live their lives constantly hiding; however, they have a rich culture of clans, kingdoms, and even empires that you will be able to explore. Being small creatures, they have the innate ability to speak to animals as well. However this is not uncommon, as many of the pets and creatures that live among humans can speak and converse amongst themselves as well. 

Each session will see your characters pursuing goals that fulfill the needs and further the interests of your Clan. You will build secret Gatherer homes around your actual real-life house, and will create deep relationships with the other Gatherers and sentient animals that live nearby or even in your territory. 

The lives of the small are full of challenge and adventure! 

Welcome to the world of The Gatherers, where even your tiniest dreams can come true. 

Read a sneak peek of the rulebook with more details here:

Reviews and Previews 🕵

"We highly recommend this RPG for adventurers that like exploring around, completing tasks, and slaying monsters. Gatherers delivers those looking for group storytelling to do more and stretch the limits of the game. Gatherers does a great job creating opportunities to gather with your friends to go on adventures, roll some dice, complete tasks, battle, and collect
treasures. We really enjoyed our time with it. The creator also adds considerable functionality with an adept manual. The Gatherers compendium is brimming with detail, concise instructions, and source material."

Please follow and support them here: Nerdz Garage Website

"The player characters are completely customisable and don't forget, you're going to be playing it in your house! So your imagination is your only limit."

Please follow and support them here: Board Game Dad Instagram

“I don't have a lot of experience with Role Play Games, but after taking a sneak peak at the guide for The Gatherers and getting that sweet nostalgic kick from my years growing up on The Borrowers and Arrietty, I feel like it's a world I'd be ready to shrink down to explore! “

Please follow and support them on all their channels here: Board Games with B Linktree 

"I really like that your own physical environment can affect your gameplay and that the resources that affect your characters can change based on what is in the room. I also really appreciated the examples and definitions that went with the storyline.  I thought this was a great addition to help players understand the new world and basics of RPGs."

Please follow and support them on all their channels here: boardgamesaintandhandstands Instagram

"Wow! Even in the introduction of The Gatherers I am so pumped to play a game! It brings the story to life in a way that other roleplaying games that are set in fantasy worlds can't. It also makes it easier to play with younger children as the items and actions within the game are in a realm they are familiar with. I find the style of game play and options to be very unique and have the potential to be engaging beyond what our family has played in the past. Half a page of how dice rolling works? That is some serious simplicity that I can get onboard with! It is easy to understand for players that are new to roleplaying games. The game is not bogged down by the rules making it easier to focus on the narrative that is being played out."

Please follow and support them on all their channels here: Adam & Michelle Game School Website

"You're inviting people over to your house and you're playing a roleplaying game, and the setting for that world is the house that you're playing in. You could choose a specific room to play in that evening, and all of the play will take place in that room, which I think is very interesting. I like the dice mechanic with the skill levels and the levelling up!"

Please follow and support them on all their channels here: Tabletop Gaming Guild Linktree

"If you were a fan of the Borrower's movie back in 1997, then you are going to adore 'The Gatherers'. I just love that fact that I'll be able to create a world right around the contents of my living room or kitchen."

Please follow and support them on all their channels here: The Cardboard Paradise Linktr.ee

"I love playing an RPG with small creatures and animals pillaging from giants."

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"The Half-Monster guys present us a fantasy world that hides in plain sight, where everything around us can become part of the journey. They submerge us in this adventure of being a Gatherer through lovely art that reflects the love and commitment they pour into each of their projects.."

Please follow and support them here: Geekzyando Review Instagram

"I love the idea of creating an adventure that takes place right inside of my house. This concept really stirs my imagination and I am so excited!"

Please follow and support them here: The Treasure Belle Linktree

"Being able to use your home as your role playing sandbox in the Gatherers is a novel idea! This RPG is something innovative to the role playing world."

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"You can play this as a traditional RPG, but I really think it should be done using your house as the set dressing!"

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More arriving every day!


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Shipping and Manufacturing ⚓✈

Shipping will be completed through our global Half-Monster distribution system, centred on our three warehouses in in Australia for AU/NZ, Oregon for USA/Canada, and Hong Kong for EU/Asia/Rest of World. This will allow us to offer customs friendly shipping to Australia and the USA and many other regions.
Unfortunately due to the change at the start of this year to VAT charges in Europe, VAT will be included in shipping costs to European customers.
We also regret due to world courier issues, including those related to the ongoing COVID-19 pandemic, we cannot guarantee arrival of products to Russia, Mexico, Central America and South America. If you are in these regions, please get in touch with us for a chat about your individual circumstances.

This matrix is an estimate on the cost of shipping to each region by backing Tier. These rates are subject to change and the final cost will be charged in the Pledge Manager after the campaign.

Who are We? - Can we deliver? 👻👽👾🤖😈

Jack and Callan formed Half-Monster Games in 2015 and have been making games together ever since. The Horde is huge and many people have worked with us over the years. Maz and Peter joined the team in 2021 and have been working on assisting with all aspects of production, and coordinating our sales efforts, respectively.

We make games because the look on peoples' faces when they're having fun and doing exciting, unexpected things is priceless and nothing makes us happier than bringing joy to everyone's gaming tables.
This is our sixth Crowdfunding campaign and 11th published product. We’re confident handling game development alongside the manufacturing, funding, fulfilling, and distributing phases.

To see our prior crowdfunding efforts and the mainline games we have published, please check out the links here:

2020 Animal World War: Tactical Wargaming on Modular Battlefields (Unsuccessful, but we learned a lot!)

Character Creation - How you'll make your Gatherers 🖋

Step 1 - Choose a Class

Step 2 - Origins and Skill Increases
Origins are where your Gatherers were born and thus the environment they are most comfortable in. Many Clans are all from a single origin, but you can also have individuals or even the entire Clan having come from different places. (Each Origin gives a unique Skill bonus during Character Creation.)

Step 3 - Choose Specialisations

Outside of your class and origin skill bonuses, you can also select multiple skills to specialise in.

Select two skills to grant  a + 2 bonus each, as your Major specializations.
Select three skills to grant a +1 bonus each, as your Minor specializations.

Step 4 - Equipment
Gatherers will always have their basic equipment and class equipment and can ‘gather’ or craft other equipment throughout the course of the session.

Your Class Equipment can be damaged or lost throughout a session, but will be replaced for free by the next session.

Other Equipment that you craft, gather, or trade for can be lost permanently if destroyed

Step 5 - Choose Magic and Social Powers

For every Skill level of Adventurer or above in Magic or Social, you can choose a Power to learn permanently and write on your sheet

Magic Powers are predefined Spells you can cast that are easier than they otherwise would be, because they are so well known and practiced. Most Gatherers can only cast the spells they learn each time they level up. Each skill level of Magic allows a Gatherer to learn a new spell.

Social Powers represent your character being so fearsome, diplomatic, charismatic, or charming that they can utilise their Social Skill to attack others. These are used specifically to deal Willpower damage to creatures and other characters or to remove Social/Emotional dangers.

There are a large number of Magical and Social powers that you can select from in the Magic and Social sections of this booklet.

Step 6 - Goals and Setbacks

For Gatherers, progression is a key part of life. When creating your PC, consider what themes you would like to explore in the game and situations that your character might struggle with. These will help you decide on your Goals and Setbacks.

Goals are activities or events that your Gatherer aims to experience. Pursuit of a Goal gives a Gatherer the energy and drive to push themselves beyond their limits.

Setbacks are situations, characters or objects that affect you Gatherer in an especially negative fashion. It could cause them great fear, they could be so overcome with rage that they become unable to function or it could cause them to freeze up.

Step 7 - Name, Look, Background and Clan

Make notes on your sheet about the background of your Gatherer - what has your Gatherer been up to for the last few years? What are your specific motivations or personality? Your previous achievements or profession, can inform your Clan Title, such as Caleth the Assassin. Alternatively, play with your clan and through your encounters, earn your title. 

Step 8 - Finalising Sheet - Health and Willpower

Outline a number of hearts equal to the amount of Health your character has. Health represents the amount of damage your Gatherer can take before they fall unconscious.

Outline a number of diamonds equal to the amount of Willpower your character has. Willpower represents the amount of Social harm your character can take before they can be controlled by others.

Read a sneak peek of the rulebook with more details here:

Exploration - How to roam around the world when you're two inches tall🧭

Ways to Play

Gatherers can be played traditionally, like any other tabletop roleplaying game, but as it is set on the shelves, cupboards, walls and between the walls and floorboards of your house. You can alternate between all forms of playing to suit your space, session, timeframe, location, and/or the comfort and physical ability of all those present, as the rules are designed to seamlessly switch between them all.

Traditional Tabletop

You may wish to play sitting around a table with paper, pencils, figurines and your imagination like traditional roleplaying games such as Dungeons and Dragons or Pathfinder.

Point and Play

You start by imagining your characters entering the room. Perhaps from a high spot, hole in the wall, behind a piece of furniture, and so on. You point to where you think your characters would be within the room and describe what they’re doing as they roam the room and adventure. 

You can move to another room or revert to traditional imaginative play when leaving the physical space you are in. 

Physical Play

Physical play means using figurines, tokens, or The Gatherers Card Decks to show where the Gatherers, enemies, valuables, and challenges are in the actual space around your house. You would place your Gatherer figurine on a bookshelf and then stand and move around yourselves as your characters run around, clamber, fight, explore, search, and gather. You may end up in other rooms around your house, your deck or yard, or even other locations around your city, as your Gatherers adventure around. You may need to bend down or move furniture slightly (if it is safe) to show where your Gatherers are and what they are up to.

Read a sneak peek of the rulebook with more details here:

Crafting System - How to create Items and find Components ⚒

Items are created from Components that you find on your adventures. These can be given as quest or encounter rewards by your Gamemaster, traded for with NPCs, or even just raided and looted from the room around you! We've aimed to build a guided system that encourages creativity, and provide lots of item examples and the components used to create them in the rulebook. The Items & Components Gatherers RPG Aid Cards deck has 23 awesome Items and 22 intriguing Components you can use to hold in your hand as an inventory, combine in imaginative ways, deal out as loot, and/or scatter round the environment as mini objectives.

Crafting is as easy as finding components and talking to your Gamemaster about how you think it'll work! Then you can do a Craft roll with the dice according to your skill level, and you have your brand new item. There's a little bit of subconscious Gatherer magic that goes into every creation, so as long as it mostly makes sense, you can build whatever you like with whatever you can find. Unless, of course, you really like the idea of thinking about how these little items could actually function, and creating according to that. Both are totally fine! Whatever makes you and your Clan happy while playing.

Some examples, using the cards from the Items & Components Gatherers RPG Aid Card deck to help illustrate, are found below:
Read a sneak peek of the rulebook with more details here:

Combat System - how you'll fight the many dangers in the World of the Gatherers ⚔

Combat encounters occur when negotiations have failed, escape is not an option, or one side is not sentient and is just following their instincts.

There are three ways for one character or creature to damage another. Physical attacks, Social Attacks and Magic. All will use the dice system of trying to roll a 3 minimum, and your dice size for that roll based on your Skill level at Brawn, Socialising, or Magic respectively.

Physical attacks
Physical attacks of any kind (melee or ranged) uses an action and requires a successful Brawn skill roll. 
Melee attacks with fists or weapons must be done within (a Gatherer’s) arms reach of the target, about 1cm. A character cannot move as part of the action to make their attack, they must take a separate action to move if out of range.
Ranged attacks, for example those with bows or spears must have a clear path from attacker to target.

Social attacks
Social attacks can be made by any sentient character against any other character or creature that can hear them.
A character makes a social attack by taking an action. They must target another character or creature with one of their Social powers and succeed on a Socialising roll (for a sentient target) or a successful Animals roll (for a non-sentient target)

Magic Attacks
Magic attacks can be made against any character, creature or environmental challenge. A character must take an action to cast one of their spells. Whoever is controlling the character must describe the Scale, Duration and Intensity of the spell they are casting. You can then determine the number that the person must meet or exceed on their Magic skill roll. Voidseers do not have to cast specific spells, they can instead describe the magical effect they are trying to create and you can decide the difficulty.

Read a sneak peek of the rulebook with more details here:

Voidcraft Magic System - How you'll create custom spells on the fly 🔮

Magic in the Gatherers is dangerous, and operates slightly differently to all of the other Skills. There are two types: predefined Spells and custom-created Voidcraft. 

Spells are predefined abilities you can choose to learn permanently, that are so well practiced and studied that they are generally easier to succeed with and not as dangerous to your Gatherer who is casting them. The Environmental Threats found in the Danger & Diplomacy Gatherers RPG Aid Deck can be used as these Spells, and comprehensive lists also exist in the rulebook itself. While most Gatherers can only pick a single spell to learn and write on their sheet per Magic Skill level they attain. Voidseers, are able to cast and roll for any Spell at any time due to their years of training and innate magical ability. 

Some Spells are considered dark magick and forbidden by most Gatherer clans. Necromancy, Void Travel, imbuing sentience to objects, size alteration, ghostwork, enchantment, and others are considered not only dangerous to the caster, but dangerous to other Gatherers, the secrecy of the species, and even our planet itself. These often cannot be learned simply by adding them to your sheet whenever you level up Magic. You may need to explore the darker parts of your world and follow the footsteps of evil to meet those that can teach these forbidden arts. (Or bribe your Gamemaster with chocolate, whatever works for you! But make it dark chocolate to keep the theme)

When a more custom magical solution is required, the unique Voidseer Voidcraft ability allows you to summon complex and creative magical effects that meet your exact needs at any moment. For these voidspells, the target number that you are rolling for is not just 3, but the sum of the complexity and magnitude of the spell you are trying to cast. Voidcraft will often include multiple complex interactions, and as ever it is up to your Game Master ultimately how hard a skill check will be. However, you and your Game Master can use the large number of tables in the rulebook as a guide for determining the difficulty of each spell by following an additive process.  

The four key parts of Voidcraft are Scale, Duration, Intensity, and Source. 


The size of your spell is the first part you need to take into consideration. Are you attempting to just burn a wider hole through a keyhole, or attempting to cause an entire thunderstorm’s worth of rain? Is the effect merely the size of your hand, or will it affect something as big as a tree?


Creating a voidspell that lasts an instant is far easier than summoning a permanent new magical fixture in the landscape. Will you simply make a flash of light to distract a predator, or are you wanting to make a wall of flame to defend the entrance to your subterranean Clanhall? Both can be done, and more! 


Intensity is the measure of how much damage is done, how much weight is moved, how fast an effect happens, how many targets are affected, how many inches of steel are melted, and so on and so forth. It is one of the more complicated aspects of voidcraft, and the most dangerous part for the caster themselves. The rulebook features a list of magnitudes as a guide, but as ever, make sure you follow your Game Master’s lead in how difficult a voidspell will be. 


Source is not as complex as the other aspects of voidcraft, as it is essentially a binary state: is there a source for the energy in the environment, or is the Gatherer needing to power the effect by themselves? Gatherers can channel magic from the void itself, acting as a conduit for universal energies. However, this can be such a fine line of control that a momentary lapse in concentration can lead to a tragic slip-up that inverts the effects directly back into the caster. 

Sources include things like magic leylines, electrical cables, open flames, batteries, water, storms, or any other form of natural elemental energy in the environment. This directly siphons the energy from the source, so a significant enough voidspell can cause a flame to go out, a dam to dry up or even an electrical grid to run out of power. There are legends of necromancers that can use the life force of themselves or creatures around them to cast their spells, snuffing out those sources in the process. However, whether or not this is real, it is most certainly outlawed by most Clans. 

Casting Your Voidspell

You add the corresponding numbers together to determine your target number for your Magic roll. This may even exceed what it is possible for you to roll - in this case, you can team up with another Gatherer also casting Magic, and combine your skill roll results. Beware, however - if either of you fail, it counts as rolling a Critical Failure and the full force of the spell will strike you both. Combining Magic is incredibly powerful, but incredibly dangerous. 

You have been warned! 

Read a sneak peek of the rulebook with more details here:

Strongholds - How you'll create a Kingdom between your walls 🏰

Your Stronghold home is your safe base from which to launch your raids on the Gaints. You can host feasts with allies and enemies, craft a range of exciting items and outfits, and where diplomacy and roleplay can happen safely away from the view of the Giants. You will choose from a series of room options with different effects as you play through your roleplaying campaign.

Perhaps your stronghold will provide bonuses to item crafting or free components at the start of every game, because of a Forge or a Gathering Station?
Maybe your Brawn will level up by one each session from an Ironjaw Dojo, or everyone's Clambering will improve in the Roperoom.
Maybe one of you loves the idea of cooking in a Kitchen and adding extra health to your Clan before venturing out for the day?
You can create your own rooms of course - we provide a wide range of suggestions but the power to create is yours.

You can also take advantage of the Augmented Reality Stronghold Cards deck to appear before your eyes on any flat surface you wish. The free Half-Monster Gatherers App will allow your characters to appear on the cards, and even let you move your Gatherers into different rooms throughout your tiny stronghold.

Read a sneak peek of the rulebook with more details here:

Campaigns - How you'll Build a Kingdom 👑

While Gatherers are small in size, their ambitions are vast. As you play multiple sessions and campaign, your clan will continue to grow, establish a stronghold and outposts, start a kingdom, and eventually conquer an entire house.

The Strongholds and Quests Gatherers RPG Aid Cards deck contains 22 AR-enabled room cards that you can use to build your interconnected stronghold viewable through your phone with the free Gatherers Augmented Reality App, as well as 21 Quest cards that can help you with ideas and objectives for your first 21 sessions of play.

In the rulebook, the main focus will be on the first and initial step of your journey, the Clan phase. In this phase, you are attempting to establish yourselves in your new home, defeat or negotiate with the other Gatherers or sentient creatures attempting to lay claim to it, and build strongholds, trading posts, defences, and other things around your home. 

After the Stronghold is established, the Kingdom phase would involve setting up multiple Clanhalls and splitting your clan into sub-clans, each ruled by your original player Gatherers. You can recruit more Gatherers to act as alternate characters, and begin exploring the evolving relationship between your characters and the tensions that arise from differing ideas on how to run your kingdom. You can choose a single ruler, or have a council, hold feasts, engage in kingdom-to-kingdom diplomacy with rival states in other houses, and so on. 

Then, you can enter the Empire phase, where you expand your ambitions and attempt to capture or conquer other locations beyond your own home. These could include your friends’ houses, or other locations you are familiar with. Forming empires by capturing other kingdoms is a rich way to explore other Gatherer societies and expand your play beyond the limits of your imagination. 

Read a sneak peek of the rulebook with more details here:

Risks and challenges

This is our sixth Crowdfunding campaign and 11th published product. We’re confident handling game development alongside the manufacturing, funding, fulfilling, and distributing phases. We know issues can always arise - from delayed funding arrival, shipping errors, and delayed manufacturing times. We’ll be using our global distribution partner U-Freight to co-ordinate our parcels between our 3 warehouses, in Australia, Hong Kong, and the USA. From there we will be using courier services to fulfill your rewards.

U-Freight have remained reliable and communicative even during the pandemic. We consistently endeavour to meet our time targets. If an issue increases the initial time frame, we'll investigate the problem ASAP to avoid customer delays, even if it means paying more for extra expediency. In the unlikely event we can't fix the delay, you’ll know immediately.

Game development, funding, and fulfilment can be a challenge and there are always risks involved. We promise and pledge that we’ll always try to prevent, mitigate, or solve these issues as fast as possible and to the best of our ability. Our track record indicates our serious commitment to customer satisfaction and our habit of always pulling through difficult circumstances ;)

Refunds and cancellation

If your product is damaged in any way during shipping we are happy to offer a return of the item.

Damages and issues
Please inspect your order upon reception and contact us immediately if the item is defective, damaged or if you receive the wrong item, so that we can evaluate the issue and make it right.

To start a return or cancellation, you can contact us at halfhuman@halfmonstergames.com. If your return is accepted, we’ll send you a return shipping label, as well as instructions on how and where to send your package. Items sent back to us without first requesting a return will not be accepted.

You can always contact us for any return question at halfhuman@halfmonstergames.com.

Complete refund terms and conditions can be found on the Half-Monster Games Website

If you wish to cancel your pledge after it has been deducted from your account, please contact Callan at halfhuman@halfmonstergames.com.