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Village Attacks: Grim Dynasty by Grimlord Games
The 1-5 player fully co-op Castle Defence war between monsters & mortals is back with an all new Chinese themed expansion!

Project overview

Your last chance to support the all new Chinese themed expansion for the 1-5 player fully co-op Castle Defence war between monsters & mortals VILLAGE ATTACKS
Village Attacks: Grim Dynasty is a brand new expansion to the hit fully co-operative castle defence game, steeped in the folklore of ancient China. Players must continue the ceaseless war with the mortal realm, taking on the roles of Monsters and defending their home from the near-endless waves of villagers who seek to end you once and for all! 
Village Attacks: Grim Dynasty introduces a host of new content to Village Attacks, such as:

     Militia Villagers - A disorganised rabble that’s seemingly harmless, but if lead into battle by a Tactician that can organise themselves into a formidable fighting force!
     Tactician Villagers - Veterans od war that can whip their trained Militias into a dangerous fighting force.
     Villager Tactics - The new Tactics board and dice allows the Villagerfs to execute sudden and devastating manoeuvres, with more powerful abilities becoming available with every Tactician that enters the Castle!
     Artefacts - New types of Traps that allow the Monsters to create teleportation gateways throughout the castle, generate experience outside of combat and more!
All of this, along with brand new Monsters to play as and Town Heroes to combat make Grim Dynasty an amazing addition to Village Attacks, and because of the mix and match style of play, it can be integrated with all current Village Attacks content and missions to add a whole new level of replayability!
To make a Late Pledge, simply add any product from the Pledges category to your cart. Then, add any Expansions, Add-ons items you’re interested in and proceed to checkout!

Pledge Level

  • Dynasty Pledge

    Dynasty Pledge

    A Grim Dynasty expansion including all unlocked Stretch Goals
  • Legacy Pledge

    Legacy Pledge

    A Village Attacks Core Game including all unlocked Grim Dynasty campaign Stretch Goals.
  • Dynasty & Legacy Pledge
    Village Attacks Core Game and Grim Dynasty expansion including all unlocked Stretch Goals.
  • Eternal Dynasty Pledge
    ALL of the new miniature based content from the Grim Dynasty campaign
  • Storm the Gates Pledge
    NEW to Village Attacks, this pledge level contains Core Game , Grim Dynasty expansion and all unlocked SGs, FREE expansions and Kickstarter Exclusives offered on both KS campaigns
  • Sum of all Evil Pledge
    ALL of the miniature based content from BOTH the original and Grim Dynasty campaign

Bundle Deals

  • Ancient Evil Bundle
    ALL of the miniature based expansions from the original Village Attacks kickstarter campaign
  • Returning Evil Bundle
    Are you a returning backer and didn't buy any expansions from the original campaign then this bundle is for you
  • Acrylic Dice Bundle
    5x Sets of Marble Effect dice D6 dice (30 dice in total)
  • Metal Dice Bundle
    Get your favourite monsters custom aged effect metal dice sets now! 5x set of Zinc Alloy dice (30 metal dice in total)


  • Village Attacks Core Game
    Core Game of Village Attacks boardgame
  • Judgement & Reckoning
    The guardians of the underworld have come to the mortal plane to reap the souls of the living!
  • The Wretched Journey
    Before redemption must come the heinous act that must be redeemed. The monkey king Sun Wukong, pig demon Zhu Bajie, sand demon Sha Wujing and white dragon prince Ao Lie all have committed truly hideous acts, earning them their place in the castle amongst the other monsters.
  • KS Exclusive Heros of Legend
    Dire times are when the most extraordinary of heroes are forged, and three such heroes have answered the call to arms.
  • Moguai


    The Moguai are loose in the castle, and these mischevious little critters are proving to be an absolute nightmare!
  • Artifacts


    Yet more devious plots are unfolding in the castle. Artefacts are a new type of Trap that Monsters that bestow even more devious benefits.
  • Castle Heart

    Castle Heart

    The Heart of the Castle brought to life in all its unholy glory!
  • Order of the Tower
    The legendary heroes of the Dice Tower have come to slay the wicked!
  • Dragon Clan

    Dragon Clan

    The ancient clan of the Dragon spends their entire lives training to act as one entity. As fluid and mystical as the mighty creatures that they venerate, each member embodies their part of the Dragon.
  • Horrors of the Sands
    Evil exists in all corners of the world, and the sun toiled sand dunes of Arabia are no different.
  • Greed & Fury

    Greed & Fury

    From the graves of Scandinavia to the keeps of Scotland's borders, the Draugr and Red Cap have entered the castle
  • Terror & Anguish
    An accursed beast that roams across Europe and an ancient malevolent dream stalker have appeared in the castle.
  • Fear & Torment

    Fear & Torment

    Indescribable horrors from England have appeared to prey upon the villagers from the castle of the damned.
  • Dread & Malice

    Dread & Malice

    The malevolent Boogeyman and devilish child-kidnapper Krampus have been sighted at the castle.
  • Doom & Suffering
    Wode of the Wild Hunt, the spectral hunter that rides across Europe's skies and Jack of the Lantern ,the immortal wanderer have take refuse in the castle.
  • Wrath & Ruin

    Wrath & Ruin

    The Leshy, an ancient denizen of the forest, and the Glaistig, a water-spirit that lures men to their doom have been sighted near the castle!
  • Despair & Abhorrence
    Hailing from the deep forest and murky waters of Slavic Islands, the infamous witch Baba Yaga and water demon Vodyanoy emerge to wreak havoc and despair.
  • Rage & Avarice

    Rage & Avarice

    From distant Native American lands come the demonic warrior hunter the Baykok and the cannibalistic abomination the Wendigo..
  • Traps


    The castle has a myriad of deadly hidden traps that could spring at any moment.
  • The Troll

    The Troll

    A Troll has appeared in the castle!
  • KS Exclusive Grimlord & Revenant Pack
    From his lofty seat of power, the Grimlord has seen the devastation the grisly denizens of the castle have wrought upon his lands and can stand to see no more! But from the depths of the castle rises a hideous doppelganger; the Revenant


  • Mythic Dice - Acrylic
    Village Attacks Mythic Dice Set - 6x Marbel Effect Acrylic Dice
  • Undead Dice - Acrylic
    Village Attacks Undead Dice Set - 6x Marbel Effect Acrylic Dice
  • Arcane Dice - Acrylic
    Village Attacks Arcane Dice Set - 6x Marbel Effect Acrylic Dice
  • Cursed Dice - Acrylic
    Village Attacks Cursed Dice Set - 6x Marbel Effect Acrylic Dice
  • Demon Dice - Acrylic
    Village Attacks Demon Dice Set - 6x Marbel Effect Acrylic Dice
  • KS Exclusive Tactician Dice - Acrylic
    Village Attacks Grim Dynasty Tactician Dice Set - 4x Marbel Effect Acrylic Dice
  • Metal Dice: Mythic
    Village Attacks Mythic Dice Set - 6x Aged Effect Zinc Alloy Dice
  • Metal Dice: Undead
    Village Attacks Undead Dice Set - 6x Aged Effect Zinc Alloy Dice
  • Metal Dice: Arcane
    Village Attacks Arcane Dice Set - 6x Aged Effect Zinc Alloy Dice
  • Metal Dice: Cursed
    Village Attacks Cursed Dice Set - 6x Aged Effect Zinc Alloy Dice
  • Metal Dice: Demon
    Village Attacks Demon Dice Set - 6x Aged Effect Zinc Alloy Dice


  • Game Tile Pack

    Game Tile Pack

    Additional pack of game tiles, identical to those provided in the core game.
  • Clip on bases

    Clip on bases

    25x Clip on bases ( 5 of each Colour )
  • Major Arcana

    Major Arcana

    Within the Major Arcana are 21 brand new missions, created to be playable with just the core game
  • Village Attacks Art Book
    Hardback Art Book with 4 exclusive scenarios.
  • Grimlord Games Board Game Backpack
    Exclusive Grimlord Games board game backpack.
  • Card Sleeves

    Card Sleeves

    Protect your Village Attacks game in style!
  • Acrylic Token Pack
    67 bespoke Village Attacks acrylic tokens.
  • Pandora's box

    Pandora's box

    Pandora's box - Storage solution for Villager Attacks