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Undertow of Madness

Undertow of Madness

Expansion pack containing 10 minis, 20 cards and 10 tokens.

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Undertow of madness
This expansion pack adds 2 new special crew types and 2 new enemies to the game.

This is expansion is already included as part of all KS Seafarer or Retailer pledges. It can also be purchased seperately (in addition) here.


- 2 merchant crew miniatures
- 2 academic crew miniatures
- 3 acolyte bloodletter miniatures
- 3 acolyte speaker miniatures
- 10 sea event cards
- 10 island exploration cards
- 4 crew tokens
- 6 enemy tokens.

RRP £30/$40

*All backers make their pledge on the understanding that they will receive an English version of the expansion, unless a localised version is selected in the pledge manager survey.

**Localised versions may incur longer delivery times.




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