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Last Light by Grey Fox Games Grey Fox Games
A true 4X space experience that can be played in an hour! Seriously.

Project story

2 - 4
Play time
1 h
14 +
area control

Rotating Board

What's in the Box?

*The game is still in development and quantities and content are subject to change.

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Alien Factions

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Risks and challenges

As a publisher that has brought more than 20 games to market thus far, we feel confident in our ability to get this done. The gameplay for this game is 95% complete. The art and graphics are well underway. We are confident that we will hit our release goals with no problems (shipping delays or Acts of God notwithstanding). In addition, our intention is to not release this game to standard retail until all U.S backers orders have been shipped. Our goal is to have it in our backer's hands 2-4 weeks before someone can buy it on Amazon.

Refunds and cancellation

During the crowdfunding campaign, you can cancel your order at any time for a full refund.  Gamefound charges your credit card only at the end of a successfully funded campaign. 

After that, you can request a refund for your order at any time. The percentage of your pledge that can be refunded is dependent on where we are at in the production of the game
  • After campaign but prior to giving manufacturer order numbers – 90% of pledge
  • After manufacturer has been given final numbers – 70% of pledge minus any transaction fees resulting from the refund.
  • After we have booked the container for shipping – 50% of pledge minus any transaction fees resulting from the refund.
  • After the product has left the factory in China - NO REFUND is possible at this point. 

Please note that shipping charges are fully refundable at any point in the process prior to arrival at the shipping hubs.

Shipping Information

Shipping and VAT will be collected after the campaign in the pledge manager.
Cost:  Shipping is really expensive (almost as much as making the actual game) and we have tried to come up with pricing that accurately reflects our cost to get the game into your hands without creating a logistical nightmare on our side.  Your shipping will be added and collected in the pledge manager.  Please note that these prices are subject to change due to the volatility of shipping right now. However, it appears as if things have settled down tremendously since the onset of the pandemic and we do not expect these prices to change.

Tracking: We will also be using non-trackable shipments in some cases in order to save on cost as tracking can add 30-50% or more in some cases. So please understand if we do not have tracking with your package we did so knowingly. Rest assured, that we will get you your game and any risk associated with a package not being trackable is on us.

Delivery time: While we would love to get everyone their games at the same time, it is just not possible. There is a high likelihood that some areas of the world will get their games before others. Our commitment is to get the games ready and printed as fast as possible (we've already done a ton of the prep work).
At the factory, we will break out the shipments to each fulfillment company with instructions to them that they should begin shipping as soon as possible upon receipt. In addition, because we have complete control over the U.S. shipments, you will not be able to order and receive the game on Amazon (or from any other US retailer) before our backers have it.

VAT: This will be charged, collected, and submitted after the campaign in the pledge manager. The percentage for VAT will be based on the address the game is being delivered to.

Parts replacement: It is our goal to make sure that your game is delivered in a way that allows it to arrive in good condition and, most importantly, playable as intended. Should you have any issues, we will do our best to accommodate within reason. Sometimes this means partial refunds rather than replacing non-essential components.

Rest of World shipping: In some instances we are unable to ship to your country. We will do our best to make you aware of this as soon as we notice it. If this is the case, you will be entitled to a full refund of all charges. As an alternative we can ship to a forwarding service as long as that service is within our shippable countries list.

Please note: Because of unexpected delays and other unforeseen issues, we reserve the right to sell the game at major conventions, even if they have not been delivered yet.  The reason for this is that conventions are among the best form of marketing and therefore necessary to give the game the best chance for success.
One guarantee we will give is that if we do release the KS exclusive version anywhere before the backers receive theirs it will be at a price that is higher (usually significantly) than what was offered in the campaign.

Updates and Communication

After running over 20 campaigns, we've learned that setting expectations is key to a good experience for our backers. To this end, we want to give the plan we will be following for updates and communication during and after the campaign.
During the campaign:
We will be sharing updates at least twice a week, but probably more often. We will also be responding to comments daily This is the time when we have a lot to share and are potentially modifying our plans based on backer feedback. So, expect a steady stream of updates
During the 4 weeks following the campaign end:
This is a time when there is still a fair bit going on and we will be updating the campaign and responding to comments once a week to keep you up to date on things like the pledge manager and other things possibly related to game play or art. Basically "fun" stuff that might still be in the process of being created.
From 4 weeks after the campaign ends to fulfillment:
This is typically the "sluggish" point of the process and there is typically little news of note to bother sharing. During this time, we will be updating the campaign and responding to comments once a month, even if the only thing to report is that there is nothing to report. During this time we will be sharing photos of samples we receive and keeping you in the loop as regards our production and fulfillment milestones.  Please note that the best way to reach us during this time is by directly emailing us as we will not be checking the comments daily.
If at any point during these times, there is something time sensitive to report, we will update you even if it falls outside of our plan.
Rest assured that no matter what, we are always working to get the game into your hands as soon as we can. Our goal first and foremost is to get this game into the hands of backers who can begin playing, enjoying, and sharing this game with others and soon afterwards to retailers to continue promoting and selling our game. The commercial success of our game depends strongly on having you, our first enthusiastic backers, sharing your love of it with others so please understand we have every incentive to do everything within our power to deliver the best game we can make as close to our projections as is feasible.