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For Science! by Grey Fox Games Grey Fox Games
A fast-paced, cooperative, block-stacking game about saving the world from a pandemic in the name of science!

Project overview

Three simple steps to save the world : 1. Design Cures 2. Build Cures 3. Research a Master Cure!

Cooperate with your fellow scientists to combine your design cards into theoretical cures and then build your cures in a 3D space with blocks! Once you've built a cure, spend your research points on master cure tiles to improve your abilities, capture insight and progress towards your victory of saving the world!


  • Lab Assistant Pre-Order
  • Head Scientist Pre-Order

Grey Fox Games

  • Reavers of Midgard Kickstarter Edition
    Reavers of Midgard is a single worker placement game with elements of set collection, dice combat and engine building set in the Champions of Midgard universe.
  • Champions of Midgard

    Champions of Midgard

    $48.00 $60.00
    Trolls attack your town. Draugr terrorize nearby villages. Monsters strike at travelers and merchants alike. The people are suffering – will you be their champion?
  • Champions of Midgard Jarl Collector's Box
    REQUIRES BASE GAME. The Jarl Collector's Box comes with both Champions of Midgard: Valhalla and Champions of Midgard: The Dark Mountains as well as exclusive content not available at retail, including a box designed to hold everything including the base game.
  • Champions of Midgard Playmat
    21″x42″ Neoprene Game Mat featuring the main game board as well as the Dark Mountains and Valhalla expansions boards, all in one.
  • Champions of Midgard Sikling Promo
  • Champions of Midgard Dized Promo
  • Run, Fight, or Die : Reloaded
    Back from the dead and better than ever! Run Fight or Die: Reloaded is a revamped and refreshed edition of the Richard Launius game Run Fight or Die.
  • Run, Fight, or Die : Reloaded 5-6 Player Expansion
    Back from the dead and better than ever! Run Fight or Die: Reloaded is a revamped and refreshed edition of the Richard Launius game Run Fight or Die.
  • War of the Worlds : The New Wave
    War of the Worlds: The New Wave is an asymmetrical deck-building game with a playing board for two players. The game events unfold several years after the original “War of the Worlds” story by H.G. Wells.
  • Bushido


    $24.00 $30.00
    Bushido is a two-player head-to-head board game using a combination of cards and dice. The game takes place in three major phases: training, arming and the duel.
  • Deception : Murder in Hong Kong
    A social game of deduction and deception. Who among you can see through the lies? Who is capable of getting away with murder?
  • Deception : Undercover Allies
    Get the expansion for Deception: Murder in Hong Kong, taking the player 2 higher with new roles, new mean cards, clue cards and more!
  • 7 Ronin

    7 Ronin

    $15.00 $20.00
    7 Ronin is an asymmetric two-player game in which one player controls a group of ninja attacking a village that’s defended by seven ronin (masterless samurai), which are controlled by the other player.
  • Multiuniversum


    $12.00 $15.00
    Multiuniversum is a 1-5 player card game where players, acting as scientists, will use their cards in the most efficient way they can to gain Discovery Points.
  • Superhot


    $16.00 $20.00
    SUPERHOT: The Card Game is a deckbuilding game for 1-3 players based off of the popular indie video game. In SUPERHOT, time only moves when you do.
  • Pocket Mars

    Pocket Mars

    $12.00 $15.00
    In the world of big games about Mars everybody should have one that fits in their pocket.
  • Conquest of Speros

    Conquest of Speros

    $8.00 $10.00
    Welcome to the world of Speros, a land of full of promise. You are not alone here, other races have fled to this land and are in search of its treasure. Fight for control of Speros, and safeguard the future of your people.
  • Captains Wager

    Captains Wager

    $8.00 $10.00
    In Captain’s Wager, players take on the roles of rogue airship captains sending their pirate crews off on adventures in search of treasure. Problematically, several captains often show up for the same adventure. So how shall we figure out who gets what loot? We’ll gamble for it of course. That’s the pirate way!
  • A Handful of Stars
    A Handful of Stars is an epic game of space exploration and conquest for two to four players and takes around 120 minutes to complete.
  • Harvest Dice

    Harvest Dice

    $12.00 $15.00
    A 2-4 player Roll-and-Write to see who can have the most veggies in the their garden!
  • Mythos Tales

    Mythos Tales

    $32.00 $40.00
    Mythos Tales is a cooperative game of macabre detection and Lovecraft horror for 1 - 8 players.
  • Deception : Murder in Hong Kong Upgrade Kit
    Time to Replace those Cardboard shields and plastic bullets! Metal Shields and Microscope time!
  • Deception : North America, Southern Europe, Western Europe Promo Combo Pack
  • Zoned Out

    Zoned Out

    $32.00 $40.00
    Includes 6 exclusive promos only available from Grey Fox!
  • Draw Your Own Conclusions
    Draw Your Own Conclusions is a laugh-out-loud co-operative drawing game for 3 to 8 artists or…. “artists”.


  • Exclusive Bonus Role Cards
  • Sci Hard Expansion
    Bring your game to the next level up in difficulty with the sci hard expansion!
  • Colored Blocks (Extra Set)
  • Monochromatic Blocks (Extra Set)
  • Circular Playmats