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Grendha: Search For Lost Triumphs by Grendha : Search For Lost Triumphs
Grendha is a fantasy 1-4 player skirmish miniature wargame with special co-op & Solo mode.

Project overview

Meru was a planet swarmed with dangerous predators. Demonic Dragons ruled Meru over millions of years until one day; a moving celestial object hit Meru. The collision was devastating for Meruan's. But when the dust settled, emerged a new civilization led by mighty king Arnoru. The origin of Arnoru is one of the most profound mysteries of Meru. Some believed he descended from the heavens, and some believe he was part of the celestial object. 
With his immense knowledge and power, Arnoru channeled his strength, wisdom, and ability to a book called Grendha. A powerful book of secrets that will unlock the demons and dark forces, conquer the dragon army and even worse, make anyone powerful enough to rule the Kingdom.
Grendha is a 1-4 Player fantasy Miniature war game happening on the planet Meru with epic arts, 244+ detailed miniatures, Cards, Tokens, and Dice.
In this game, you represent one of the four heroes and will take part in the quest for the pages of Grendha to dictate Planet Meru. The gameplay includes territory conquering, fight & negotiations, resource gathering, collect maps to help you capturing grendha pages, etc. At the starting of the game, you have no territories and have limited resources. Each turn, you must maximize the use of strength to capture territories and grendha pages, and overall, you will have a better strategy to the domain over others. 
The player who will conquer all territory or capture grendha pages will win the game.

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