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VALHALLA: Card-dice game for 1-6 players by Go on Board
Choose a Jarl, build a team and use special weapon dice to defeat your enemies and win the ultimate glory: a seat in halls of Valhalla!


Riders of War is a Big expansion. The expansion contains 40 cards and 18 special weapon dice in 6 player colors.

Product description

This expansion includes:
- 40 cards
- 18 dice

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Riders of War

Legend has it, that Sleipnir, eight-legged horse of Odin is father of the sleipnir breed. Riders of war, powerful force in the battle. Deadly, fast, almost unstoppable. They bring force and weapons to the battle, supporting their allies.

Riders of War is a Big expansion inspired by Odin’s mythical horse, as well as Asgardian warriors fighting for Odin. The expansion contains 40 cards and 18 special weapon dice in 6 player colors.

How the expansion works?

Riders of War fall under the “deck expansion” category, but it’s bigger than any other.

When you play the game with that expansion, each player gets 3 special Riders dice and places them near their player board. They are similar to the regular dice, with one big exception – they X symbol is changed by a new, special symbol:

If you activate a Rider of War in your battle party, you get one Rider's die, roll it and add to the pool. If you manage to activate a second Rider of War in the same battle, you get 2 Rider's dice more, roll them and add to the pool.

Those special dice allow you to arm your warriors since they have regular weapon symbols.

But if you roll the special symbol, it can activate a Rider's ability. So besides adding dice to your pool, and adding strength to the battle, they also may activate a special ability.

A lot of new gameplay variability and exciting decisions in the battle.

Why 18 more dice?

Riders of War, as well as new special battle tactics, allow the player to keep the dice locked for the following battle. It means that special Rider power may stay activated with the new dice on it. It also means that using the right battle tactic transfers weapons (on the new, special dice) for the next battle. 

So there are more than just a few additional dice required to play with Riders of War. Of course, often you don't use all of the 3 special dice at a time. But the 3 dice per player is assurance that you'll never run out of the special dice. 

And it also looks cool with the additional dice set.