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VALHALLA: Card-dice game for 1-6 players by Go on Board
Choose a Jarl, build a team and use special weapon dice to defeat your enemies and win the ultimate glory: a seat in halls of Valhalla!


Warriors of Asgard is a 40-card deck and an enormous, detailed miniature of Heimdall.

Product description

This expansion includes:
- 40 cards
- big Heimdall miniature

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Warriors of Asgard Expansion

Asgard is a world of the gods, called Æsir, and Asgardians who live there and serve the gods. The majestic world is a big palace protected by a wall with Heimdall standing as a gatekeeper to the land. In Ragnarök, the nine worlds of Yggdrasil collide and people of Midgard, giants of Jotunheim, Dwarves of Svartelfheim, Elves of Alfheim, Odin's riders of War and warriors of Asgard clash in the battle.  

Warriors of Asgard is a 40-card deck and an enormous, detailed miniature of Heimdall. The deck adds a brand new type of units, that possess magical powers, shared by Æsir gods with their people. The new type of warriors is supporting other warriors by making it easier to activate them. There are different types of Asgardian warriors, each wielding one kind of weapon. But each of them, when activated, affect other warriors who require the same type of weapons. Some warriors make it easier to activate others, and some just automatically activate a specific type of weapon. So you can imagine the combo possibilities with that expansion. If you build up a team that works well together, you can easily activate much more cards than usual. We've playtested that expansion and we love the way it affects the decision-making in the game!

And the other thing the expansion brings is a Heimdall miniature. There is a rule change, where the losing player gets the Heimdall after the battle. Heimdall protects a player's team for one round, and also may give him/her special powers if he decides to attack. The expansion has special cards in the deck, that affect Heimdalls movement as well as his powers. One expansion brings new, big things that add a lot to the game experience and expand the replayability even more!