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TITANS Board Game by Go on Board
Become a king, lead your army to war, use the mythical Titan and crush your opponents. A fresh theme, unique mechanics and epic minis!

Project overview

TITANS is a territory control miniatures game for 1-4 players (up to 5 with an expansion). The game is set in a historical fantasy setting of 17th century Europe. Endless wars are taking their toll as the people fall into despair. There is no hope for an end, no prospects for a peaceful order. The faith of the people slowly burns out.

Dorment Spirits of the Nations wake up from centuries-long rest, rekindling the hearts of the people and raising ancient warriors called the Titans. People, filled with extraordinary powers, standing hand-by-hand with mighty Titans, fight to reclaim Europe. That war will end it all, and a King of Kings will be chosen.

In Titans players take roles of a king that leads an Army with a mythical Titan into Battle. There are 4 Nations to choose from, one of the European empires of that time - Polish-Lithuanian Commonwealth, Russia, Sweden, and the Ottoman Empire.


Late Pledge is your last chance to get all the benefits of a Kickstarter supporter FOR FREE. Just check out how much more content this Kickstarter Version has!




    A Core Box of TITANS boardgame including all unlocked Stretch Goals


    Standard Pledge + King’s Emissaries Expansion, Titans Power Expansion Spirit of War Expansion + all unlocked Stretch Goals


    TITANS Epic Box (including all the Deluxe Expansions + additional dice set + playmat) with all unlocked Stretch Goals.


    TITANS Gameplay All-In (including Deluxe Box + Fields of Blood Expansion + 5th player Expansion) with all unlocked Stretch Goals.


    TITANS Epic All-In (including Deluxe Box + Fields of Blood Expansion + 5th player Expansion + Oversized Playmat + Dice Set) with all unlocked Stretch Goals.


  • 5th Player Expansion
    With that expansion, you can play with up to 5 players and you get completely new Nation for even bigger replayability in the 2-4 player mode.
  • Fields of Blood

    Fields of Blood

    A big, historically inspired expansion that allows you to enlist a new type of unit. Cossacks will enrich your army and lead to even bigger battles on the map.
  • Titans Power (KS exclusive)
    Expansion that works both with Titans and Valhalla. This Add-on cointains 20 cards and 4 additional dice and allows you to keep those components in the Valhalla box.
  • Titans Power (non-trackable shipping)
    This is the same Titans Power expansion as in Expansions section. The difference is that, this offer is only for customers who don't order anything else. In this case we can offer cheaper but non-trackable shipping option.
  • Rain of fire

    Rain of fire

    The expansion brings a new type of Unit -multi cannon weapon | This Add-on is included for free for all backers who pledged at least 77£ during the live Kickstarter.


  • The Fallen Titan
    The Fallen Titan has no obligation to one Nation, but his eternal reason is to wage war. He will move from army to army, sowing terror in the hearts of his enemies.
  • 16 additional dice
    Two sets of 8 engraved dice. With that Add-on, each player at the table can keep their own set of dice at hand.
  • Large Playmat
    Thick, high-quality neoprene mat to use instead of a regular board. Over 20% larger map than normaln one. With that Add-on you bring even more epicness to the table.
  • King's Miniature (1st player token)
    King Miniature that players use instead of a first player token | This Add-on is included for free for all “first 24 hours” backers.
  • 4 Titans Miniatures
    4 Titans miniatures, identical to those in the main box. The Titan Power Expansion can be used with Valhalla, optionally using those miniatures.
  • Translation Pack
    Translation pack contains all language-dependent game elements (rulebook and cards).
  • Card Sleeves (big cards)
    Pack of 100 sleeves with 65x100 mm size
  • Card Sleeves (small cards)
    Pack of 100 sleeves with 63x41 mm size.
  • Legendary Chest

    Legendary Chest

    The wooden chest that will proudly stand out on your game shelf. It contains an insert designed just for Titans, magnet enclosure and easy handling slots on both sides.


  • Valhalla - retail version
    Choose a Jarl, build a team and use special weapon dice to defeat your enemies and win the ultimate glory: a seat in halls of Valhalla!