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Glen More II: Chronicles by Funtails GmbH Funtails GmbH
Matthias Cramer's highly praised tile laying game of epic proportions, top notch material and great replayability. Matthias Cramers hochgelobtes Plättchen-Legespiel von epischer Größe, mit erstklassigem Material und großer Wiederspielbarkeit.
ENGLISH SHOP: Glen More II: Chronicles
ENGLISH SHOP: Glen More II: Chronicles
ENGLISH SHOP: Glen More II: Chronicles

ENGLISH SHOP: Glen More II: Chronicles

Glen More II: Chronicles (EN/DE) Base game including all 8 Chronicles. English and German version. FREE SHIPPING from US and EU.
37 x 27 x 10

Product description

Glen More II: Chronicles (english and german)
  • The English/German base game as on Kickstarter
  • Containing all 8 Chronicles
  • including Chronicles by Klaus-Jürgen Wrede (Carcassonne) and Arve D. Fühler (Festo!)
  • free shipping to US (exkl. AK, HI, PR)
  • free shipping to EU (exkl. FR, IT)
Please take a look at the assembly video for easy assembly:

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In Glen More II: Chronicles each player represents a Scottish clan leader from the early medieval ages until the 19th century. Will you focus on growing barley for whisky production, invest in cattle to sell on the markets, travel to other clans in the Highlands to cooperate or will you focus on gaining control of many famous lochs and castles?

You will need to make the right decision at the right time. 

Collect the most fame and you've made it! You win the game and your clan stands above all others. Slàinte mhath!

US: The game will be shipped from the US, free shipping (exkl. AK, HI, PR)
EU: The game will be shipped from Germany, free shipping to EU, excl. FR/IT)