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Glen More II: Chronicles Kickstarter by Funtails GmbH Funtails GmbH
Glen More II: Chronicles is Matthias Cramer's new tile-laying game of epic proportions, with top-notch material and great replayability
This project only accepts orders from backers at this time.

Project overview

In Glen More II: Chronicles each player represents a Scottish clan leader from the early medieval ages until the 19th century. Will you focus on growing barley for whisky production, invest in cattle to sell on the markets, travel to other clans in the Highlands to cooperate or will you focus on gaining control of many famous lochs and castles? You will need to make the right decision at the right time.

Collect the most fame and you've made it! You win the game and your clan stands above all others. Slàinte mhath!

Glen More II: Chronicles is the first Kickstarter campaign of Funtails, a fledgling board game publisher from Germany. It was funded in under three hours.

Kickstarter Reward

Please note that this Kickstarter Reward is not intended for retailers. If you are a retailer, please contact nils@funtails.de for further details.
  • Glen More II: Chronicles Complete Edition
    Glen More 2: Chronicles Complete Edition The base game /w 8 Chronicles and all unlocked Stretch Goals The What Lurks Beneath 9th Promo Chronicle 4x Promo Person tiles (voted for by backers, Scottish Inventors) 6x Clan Field Shield Token Promo

Add-On buys

Please be advised that the LaserOx Inlay is only available for EU backers at the moment. Shipping to the US & Worldwide is very high with our current solution and we cannot recommend it.

We are however talking with renowned US manufacturers to provide the US with a more sensible offer. We plan to update the Pledge Manager with an additional US inlay once we worked out these issues. We will keep you in loop with all the updates.

If you still want to order one of the EU inlays for the US or Worldwide, please contact us at nils@funtails.de for details.
  • The Tip Jar

    The Tip Jar

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