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Forest of Radgost by Glama Games Glama Games
A co-operative storytelling board game based on Slavic mythology.
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Project overview

You play a character from an unnamed Slavic tribe. The tribe's Žrec — sorcerer — chose you and a few fellow tribe members for an important mission. You are to venture inside a sacred forest to find and rescue two children who have gone missing from your village.

To succeed, you must find your way through a dense forest that plays tricks on your sense of distance and direction. The forest is rich with resources, but to endure your journey, you'll need to be prudent about what you put in your pouch. But that's only half of your troubles. You must also survive numerous encounters with forest creatures that have inscrutable intentions and a wicked sense of right and wrong. 

You can check out the Kickstarter page here:

where you can find more details on game also preview, review and playthrough videos and updates.


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