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Temple of Horrors by giochix giochix
A mighty artifact is hidden in a forgotten temple: will you be able to find it by overcoming the pitfalls and monsters that guard it? Temple of Horrors is an innovative dungeon crawler that mixes Euro and American game elements and which includes 100+ Adventures!

Project story

1 - 4
Play time
90 min
14 +
terrain building
A mighty artifact is hidden in a forgotten Temple.
An obscure spell makes it unreachable. The only way to break this arcane magic is to find the tombs of the Evil Champions, which rest in the Temple, evocate them and defeat all of them!
Find the Artifact and escape from the Temple before all Evil creatures dwelling in the Temple wake up!
Explore an ancient dungeon, avoid traps, kill monsters, challenge Bosses, grab treasures, gain Experience points, and increase your character abilities.

Temple of Horrors is a dungeon crawler game for 1-4 players. The Forgotten Artifact introduced above is only one of the 100+ available Adventures!
As each Adventure will result differently at every play, with Temple of Horrors, you will have thousand game sessions available for infinite enjoying!“
This game is my tribute to my great Dungeons and Dragons game sessions in ‘80” (M. Quondam).

Temple of Horrors is a game by Michele Quondam (Trinidad, Medioevo Universale GX, Virus, Romolo o Remo, Gladiatori, and many more). It is a game for 1-4 players and lasts about 90 minutes. Mirko Failoni and Arianna Geloni created the fantastic game illustrations, and Filippo Giovannini sculpted the miniature models. 

Temple of Horrors is a limited project. If the campaign succeeds, we will produce a short number of game copies. Finding this game version in stores will be almost impossible: join this campaign to be sure to get your copy of this fantastic board game! 

Game Contents

The game includes 600+ pieces. The miniatures represent the fantasy characters used by the players, and the Creatures, that dwell in the Dungeon. 

Why join?

  • With your help, we will be able to produce this great game: We need you!
  • 100 Adventures! The game booklet contains 100+ adventures for a neverending game experience! Each adventure is replayable many times, as variable elements of the game will make it different every time.
  • A new way to play! Temple of Horrors introduces new Euro-style mechanicals in a DC American-style game. 
  • An innovative Combat System! You roll cubes on the Combat board to inflict damage points to your opponent and dodge attacks! 
  • This is a limited project. If the campaign succeeds, we will produce a short number of game copies. Finding this game version in stores will be impossible without joining this campaign.
  • All the addons of this campaign are exclusive. After the campaign, these addons will only be available on our website and at the game launch in Fairs.



Stretch goals

We included many SGs in your pledge: linen texture for cards, more robust and thicker boards, plastic tray, metal coins, solo mode, double-layer player boards, campaign mode, bigger Room tiles, and 100+ adventures. They are already all in your pledge!

Stretch goals will add three additional characters (Bard, Ranger, and Monk). We will publish the SG table as soon as the game funds. The Dragon expansion addon will have some further stretch goals.

3D printed Mummy

Game Overview

Players must face a Dungeon. Many Creatures dwell there. Minions Creatures (Goblins, Spiders, Skeletons, and Specters) are the less dangerous monsters, but they are many! Elite Creatures and Leaders are more challenging and appear when too many Minions have been alerted. Finally, Bosses represent a considerable risk; they usually guard a place and have unique and mighty powers!

Players create the Dungeon map by placing Room tiles from their Room display.

Game prototype

It’s essential how Room tiles are placed: placing many Rooms connected of the same colors, players can activate Clue Rooms and Tomb Rooms. Both Rooms (Tombs can be activated by killing the Boss) drop Clues. Clues can identify a specific Room tile where something important is hidden (an Artifact, a Prison, a Treasure, etc.).
Other difficulties will challenge players! For example, a sudden crash of the temple roof can block the Heroes, or maybe some mysterious presence can whisper, “The way is shut!”. It works like a treasure map: moving on the correct line, players can reach the final Room and activate the Exit.
The same Map card can show the Guard Posts, where a Pack of Creatures dwells.

There are seven Heroes: Barbarian, Cleric, Thief, Bard, Mage, Monk, and Ranger. Each Hero has a card deck, in which each card represents a unique Power. Players start with an active card and can purchase new cards during the game, spending their Experience Points. They can also upgrade their active cards by turning it to the other side.
Each Hero can own Items, which can be found in the treasures or purchased from an Item display, paying them in coins.

Time to create a Heroes party, set up the game, and choose your Adventure!

How to play

Select an Adventure from the Adventures Book: There are 5 levels of difficulty (tutorial, easy, medium, hard, and very hard). Choose the game modality: Cooperative or Pvp (with a traitor). 
Read the adventure intro and apply its conditions to the game.
Then each player chooses a Hero.
Place miniatures at the Dungeon entrance (or where the Adventure requires) and start to play!

Each game lasts a maximum of 18 rounds (called Hours). Each round, your opponents become stronger and more numerous: The track on the Hour board changes color from green, yellow, orange, and then red. Players place Encounter miniatures on the Hour track: the subsequent encounter with the same opponent will reveal a stronger Creature (Elite monsters, Leader, and finally a Boss).

The Adventure will ask you to do something: free a prisoner, find a precious artifact, kill a specific Boss, find the exit, etc. In addition, there are several Side-Quests: you have to update the Hour board Side Quest section when you complete them.

You have to explore the Dungeon looking for it.
There are two ways to find this: collecting Clues or using a Dungeon Map. The first way allow you to collect Clues cards. Each card has a sentence that will enable you to select some specific Room in the Dungeon map. With more cards, the selection will be more restrictive to target a unique Room. The second way will require you to follow a specific path of Rooms in the Dungeon map to find the final one, which represents your target Room.

There is an Initiative order, and players act following it.
To determine the initiative you have to roll players cubes (1 each in the player color), plus 1 cube for the Creatures and 1 for Melee Combat. Then put them in a line following the North-South dungeon direction and you have it!
You can do several Exploring Actions, or if you are fighting, a Combat action.

Exploring actions are: Move, Activate a Room, Use a Power, Open a Breach, Modify the Room, Take a Breath, Attack from a distance, or make noise.
More noise you will make in the Dungeon, and more Creatures will wake up.
There is an Encounter system that depends on noise. The Adventure will also add specific Rooms with Creatures (Guard Posts) or unique opponents to fight.

The Combat system uses characters' abilities and powers and a Combat board-rolling system where the Mana cubes are thrown. You can roll cubes together, one at a time, or place them on the board and hit them with your finger. You can also try to push a cube with another cube or move out one that doesn't suit you. Mana cubes are helpful for many things, so don't waste them!
Depending on the results, you will inflict damage points and gain dodge points, allowing you to avoid Creatures' attacks. Many character abilities will enable you to modify the results obtained. The game will also include a Combat variant with no dexterity modality for those who don't like this kind of mechanical. Michele is working on this.

Killing Creatures will allow you to gain Experience Points (XP) and Treasures. You will spend XP to gain additional Powers and Skills for your character, while Treasures will provide you with mightly magical items.

ToH can be played in a single game or a Campaign modality, in Cooperative Mode, or PvP mode. For more info about the gameplay, please read the beta English rulebook.


Please note that the videos published here use hand-made prototypes created with a lot of patience, glue, and scissors. The final game will be very different and produced on high-quality printing industrial machines.

Michele working on a prototype.

Meeple University. This English video tutorial explains how to play Temple of Horrors.

Epitrapaizoume. An English video review of Temple of Horrors.

Pulzillo del Sud. An Italian review of Temple of Horrors.

Vin du Jeu. A French review of Temple of Horrors.

Language packs

In this campaign, you can buy the Temple of Horrors game in English. We will make a Language pack for other languages if the campaign has at least 100 backers in that language, and they will be available as Addon in the pledge manager for a low price. Moreover, if a language group gets 350+ backers, we will produce the game in this full version, with no additional cost to you. Please note that the Italian game version is available on giochistarter.it only.


You can collect your copy of Temple of Horrors for free at the Giochix Shop in Rome (Via Igino Giordani 18) or, if available in time, at our stand at the Essen Fair (German, October 2023). Alternatively, we can ship it to your home. Considering the cheapest solution, the approximate shipping cost of 1 copy of Temple of Horrors is:
We will start to ship games in October 2023 or as soon as they will be available. Remember that given the international situation of production and transport, this date is entirely indicative.

After the campaign ends, you will be able to access our Pledge Manager. In the Pledge Manager, you can review and modify your order and add campaign addons. The Pledge Manager will start 3-4 weeks after the campaign end.

The reward and addons for "EU backers" include EU VAT. If you live out of the EU, you must choose the "not-EU backers" reward and addons, as they apply the EU VAT refund.

Risks and challenges

Availability. You must take into consideration that the shipment date is indicative. We will do our best to respect such a date, but delays may occur for reasons beyond our control, such as production delays or transport or Customs issues. Please also note that it's a shipment date, not a delivery date. Delivery timing depends on the place where you live and on the shipment method selected. 
Communications. For any request or question, please use the contact form on our website. 
Components. The specifications of components and contents, images, and illustrations must be considered merely indicative of the final product and may be subject to change without notice.
Fairs. If you choose to pick up your game at a Fair and the game is not available, the Fair is delayed/canceled, Giochix participation is canceled, or if you miss picking it up, you will have to change your shipping method. This is possible by clicking the button "Change shipment" on your order page. In that case, you will have to pay the shipping costs. After 24 months from game availability, all orders not collected will be canceled.

Please note that the game's shipment can be scheduled during a time frame close to a Game Fair, such as Essen Fair in Germany or Lucca Comics and Games in Italy. It is important to note that we will be showing/selling the game at these fairs independently of campaign shipment status. Attending these fairs is vital to the game's chances of success.

Pickup in Rome. If you choose the option for pickup in Rome, you must collect your order within 90 days of its availability: after this date, the availability of the products will no longer be guaranteed.
All not collected orders will have to pay the storage cost of 2 euro/kg of product per month. This cost is not due if the order is collected within 90 days from product availability. After 24 months from product availability, all not collected orders will be canceled.

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Please verify your country's rules and regulations, also if the project has a "friendly" symbol, like "US-friendly". This symbol is only indication as rules can change at any moment.

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