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Fox Matters by Gindi Gindi
Co-operative real-time Board Game where you chain up cards to drive off Nightmares from the Fox Kingdom.

Project overview

Late Pledge only. Invitation to Kickstarter backers will be sent around 17 November.
Talk the plan over, then adapt when the clock starts ticking. Chain-up cards to deal with problems. Survive until the Nightmare appears, then together drive him off!

This Co-op game alternates between the non-stress Planning phase and the real-time Action phase.
To deal with incoming problems, complications, and Nightmares, players together need to match symbols in proper colors to requirements on the cards.

The symbols come from:
  • Player’s Miniatures - just put your hero on the problem to contribute to solving it.
  • Action/Caring/Friendship Cards - dealt to each player at turns start.
  • Fox Cards - recruited during the game.
Cards cannot be played haphazardly though. Each card has a set of symbols it can be followed with. If a mistake is made the combination does not work, even if all required symbols are present. When cooperating in real-time and solving multiple problems, it is not hard to miss something.