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Paraphrase: Songs In Other Words by Flying Lemur Game Studio
The party game that will bring a song to your heart...and game night.
Remote Broadcast

Remote Broadcast

The base game along with the '70s, '90s', '00s, Country and Mix Tape expansions.
203.2 x 203.2 x 12.7mm

Product description

You get it all! Get the base game and all the expansions in one big ol' celebration of musical majesty.
• The Totaly '80s base game with 208 cards
• The '70s Expansion with 104 cards 
• The '90s expansion with 104 cards 
• The '00s expansion with 104 cards 
• The Mix Tape expansion with 104 cards 
• The Boot-Scootin' Country expansion with 104 cards
Thats a total of 728 cards!

More info

You are truly a fan of every genre, and now you can fly your musical knowledge flag high at parties and during lunch break at work.