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Paraphrase: Songs In Other Words by Flying Lemur Game Studio
The party game that will bring a song to your heart...and game night.
Dy-No-Mite '70s + Base Game

Dy-No-Mite '70s + Base Game

The base game along with 104 extra cards covering tunes from the Dy-No-Mite '70s.
203.2 x 203.2 x 12.7mm

Product description

Good times! Great oldies. Add the far out Dy-No-Mite '70s expansion to bring even more grooves to your game. Adds an additional 104 blazin' cards

Plus all the far out swag from the base game and the groovin' unlocked stretch goals.

More info

The '70s and '80s. Two great decades filled with fantastic tunes. How many can you remember?