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Lawklivya: Vengeance by FilteredReality
A co-op board game for 1-4 players. Gather resources to create weapons, upgrade your castle, and train warriors to defeat your enemies!

Project overview

In the land of Lawklivya there was a time when a large community lived and prospered together. However, as the settlement grew further and further into the surrounding natural environment, people started to disappear. In order to feel safe, they began to gather in separate castles and become more independent, fearful, and competitive. They believed they could exist separately from each other. They will soon learn they are stronger together, and their cooperation will be essential to beat this evil once and for all!

Lawklivya: Vengeance is a complete co-op game for 1 to 4 players. You must gather the  necessary resources from a common board and spend those resources in your castle to create weapons, upgrade your walls, and train your workers into warriors, a scout, and a hero. You must defend your castle with the help  of other player's warriors against an onslaught of enemies! And only together will you stand a chance against an evil that seeks Vengeance!
***If you are a retailer and wish to have access to the retailer pledge please email us at:
  • Upgraded cards to 310g, Black Core, , and a Linen finish!
  • Upgraded box to 2mm thickness, UV Spot Treatment, and a Linen Finish!
  • Upgraded standard meeples to unique worker meeples!
  • Added a scout meeple to use when a worker is upgraded
  • Custom plastic insert designed by Matt Healey
  • Natural Disasters Mini-Expansion included with every game! The Natural Disaster mini-expansion will include five different natural disasters: a tornado, an earthquake,  a wildfire, a flood, and an ice storm! These will be shuffled into the main scouting deck. Each of these disasters will require a player to place a worker from their castle on to the card to help clean up the devastation. Fortunately, if an enemy is also attacking this turn they suffer one damage for being out during the disaster. Unfortunately, other castles will be unable to help out during battle as they are cleaning up from the disaster. The ice storm is slightly different as it will also freeze workers on the common board so they will have to wait until the next round to be collected. However, if an enemy is attacking it will be frozen for one turn, essentially allowing the player to attack twice in a row!
Preliminary Art for the Natural Disasters mini-expansion
 This is an exclusive extra that will not be available for retail (retailer pledges for this campaign will include the expansion, and can be included as a promotion, but not sold separately ).  Any games purchased outside of this campaign will not include this mini-expansion!

 English Rulebook: CLICK HERE 
 Livret de regles francais: CLICK HERE 

I created this game as a way for my family to spend time together without any of the drama that comes with competitive games.
"This is like the anti-Monopoly. Everyone wins together, or everyone loses together" Josh Carroll - playtester
I also wanted it to be a great introduction for my wife and children to modern board game mechanics such as, worker placement, tower upgrading, dice battling, and a saving mechanism. 
 "I wish I had this game when I was younger" Stella - Meeple University
I also wanted to include enough strategy that I could play it with a more experienced group of friends, so I made sure to include 3 difficulty levels, and achievements!

This has truly been a worldwide collaboration!
Canada: Designer: Brandon Gentle: Though this is my first project that I have launched on Kickstarter, I have been creating stories and designing games all my life! One good thing to come out of the COVID-19 shutdown was the increase in playing board games with my family. I also decided that it was time to take one of my designs, and go all the way with it! Lawklivya: Vengeance is the result of endless hours of hard work and coordination with others around the world. Without your support this project will not be able to enter the final stage of production. Thank you so much for support and making a dream come true!
Australia: Enemy Art: Mitch Mueller Check out Mitch's board game geek page and his portfolio at  Art Station 
Spain: board and hero art: Radu Paul Mazanec Check out Radu's amazing art at www.mazaart.com
Argentina: Rulebook, Kickstarter page design, and teaser video: Sebas and Rocio from OK Art Studio Check out their amazing work from many different Kickstarters!
U.K.: Marketing: Steph at NUUK: Steph and NUUK coordinated the facebook created ads and the overall advertising strategy. 
U.S.A.: Matt Holden from  Indie Game Alliance for the great advice and IGA discounts!
A very special thanks go to the following people for helping me whenever I needed it: Crystal Gentle, Lachlan Gentle, Olivia Gentle, Julia Gentle, Paul Gentle, Joyce and Dennis Short, Aaron McMillan, Josh Carroll, and James Osgood!

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Lawklivya: Vengeance