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Wars of Religion France 1562 1598 by Fellowship of simulations Fellowship of simulations
Wars of Religion is a 3 player game (2 player and solo mode available) set in France during the 16th century. Three factions are competing for the control of the country and the souls of its citizens. Each turn include a Court phase, to act politically and then a War phase to act on the field. The game includes 110 illustrated cards with the historical characters and events of this time, a beautiful vintage looking mounted maps, markers, counters, player's aids, rules and playbook.

Project story

1 - 3
Play time
120 min
14 +
From 1563 to 1598, a civil war raged across the kingdom of France, involving all neighbouring countries. It pitted the last kings of the Valois line, the Protestants Huguenots and the Ultracatholics League. Part diplomacy game, part wargame, The Wars of Religion let you remake history.
Each turn, you will use your supporters at court to improve your position in the kingdom. Then you will try to solve the struggle on the battlefield. You have six turns to prove that God is on your side.
Remember, «Paris vaut bien une messe !»
The game is best played with 3 players. There are 3 factions but two "sides" in the game. Which means that the two "allied" may not fight directly but may drag their feet or forgot to help... The Royalist will side with the League and then when the Huguenots. This is a very historical and fun political situation.


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