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Vampires, Egyptians and Necromancers for Fantasy Football by Fellowship Games
Three new Undead teams for Fantasy Football. More than 70 miniatures in 32 mm scale made from resin!
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Project overview

3 brand new Fantasy football teams brought to you by the team of Punga Miniatures and the Fellowship. You can purchase all previous teams made by Punga. All miniatures come unpainted and unassembled. Individual miniatures and pieces are available as well.


Add-Ons: Vampire Buccaneers

Add-Ons: Sons of Anubis

Add-Ons: Crypt Guardians

Add-Ons: Pi'Rats

Add-Ons: Cursed Crew

Add-Ons: Underworld Team

Add-Ons: Magma Tribe Orcs

Add-Ons: Savage Tribe Orcs

Add-Ons: Current KS Add-Ons

Add-Ons: Boxes

Add-Ons: Pi'Rats/Cursed/Underworld