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Open Ocean by Featherstone Games Featherstone Games
Open Ocean is a reef building card game for 1-5 players combining the dynamics of card drafting with the puzzley strategy of tile placement.
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Project overview

Open Ocean is reef building card game that combines the fast paced dynamics of card drafting with the puzzley strategy of tile placement!  Over the course of three rounds you will: 
  • Score points for each creature you connect to your reef but if you strategically combo your card actions you can attract even bigger fish from the ocean.
  • Earn extra points for schooling fish of the same type together and maximize your rainbow reef bonus by collecting as many colorful coral as you can!
  • Strategically time sharks, and sea turtles to snag that last card you need from the ocean to complete your combo, then protect your creatures from other player’s pesky dolphins with sea anemones!
  • Habitat bonuses add additional challenges and reward you with extra points if you are able to place specific fish next to their favorite corals
At the end of three rounds everyone totals up their points and bonuses, and the player who built the most vibrant reef wins! . 

Open Ocean- KS Edition