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BATTALIA: The Stormgates by Fantasmagoria Games LLC
A competitive, fast paced, strategic deck builder, which combines map construction, hero and area control and unique calendar mechanics.
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Highly detailed, large scale, boxed miniature of the Velik-an. Member of NCBC. Size: 3.9 x 8.8 x 5.2 cm. Estimated delivery 09.2017. Available for LATE PLEDGES. +$1 for worldwide shipping - flat rate per add-on unit (unit=one boxed miniature)
4.3 x 9.1 x 5.3 cm
53507 / BSG-MVA

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VELIK-AN - member of the Neutral Characters Battalia Collection*

Suddenly a harsh voice crashed over the mountains: "I will spare the pity life of every minor creature in this land who obeys me! I could even like some of you, if they stay calm in my herd and supply me well. The rest of you should try me and suffer my anger!" Very large and gorgeous miniature of the Giant: Velik-an, who demands tributes from the players every day in order to leave them be... But not everyone is obliged to pay his price, you can always try to fight him until the giant's total defeat or temporary repel.

Appearance: In the middle of the standard or extended map, at the end of the first week, before first player's turn of week 2 / day 1.

Movement: He doesn't move at all if well-fed by the players :) - in this case the giant is satisfied and happy and prefers to rest until next round and doesn't intend to bother anybody ! But if he's unsatisfied (underfed and angry) he moves slowly with his giant steps like this: Random throw (after bidding and fighting is done, see effect below) with the custom Battalia 4D directional die for choosing a map direction - N,E,S,W (consider N always towards ORACLE WHEEL on the table) and with two fixed steps per turn (no diagonals, but he circles the map). Velik-an negates the presence or encounter with heroes and always affects only cities in his range.
Attention: GIANT RANGE (double range = 5x5 squares moving with him, while he stands in the center of this field)

Effect:  At the beginning of each turn after his appearance he is demanding a tribute from the players in the form of supply cards... ALL players are affected, because the amount of the tribute is always equal to the number of players in the current game, i.e. 6 players game = Velik-an demands 6 supply cards to leave them be. This means that all players have to play and discard one supply card per turn on average, BUT they are not obliged to do this... The players decide this in a open discussion and declare their willingness or ability to pay the tribute.This results in a following consequence: If the total of all played supply cards is equal or higher to the number of players - everything is fine, the cards are discarded and the giant feasts and rests for a while (until the beginning of next day/turn). But if the supply cards were in shortage (somebody doesn't have supplies in his hand or does'n't want to pay the tribute), the other players still have the chance to pay instead of him/them and satisfy Velik-an. If this still happens, everything is fine, the giant is satisfied, played cards are discarded and the normal game can continue... 

If not, the giant becomes enraged and the players have to fight him as a team (ALL TOGETHER), because his strength is enormous and normally nobody could beat him alone. The strength of the giant depends on the specific game, normally it should be the players number multiplied by 10 (this is our recommendation, but of course advanced players could adjust this value) This means that in a 6 player game the players need to gather a total of at least 60 strength in order to defeat him. In this battle heroes don't play essential role for movement or leadership, unless you want to risk them and count them towards the total battle strength because of their morale. But in general it is a more symbolic combat mainly with the players strength in hand (ambush or tents), considering that the giant is big enough and could be sighted and battled from a very long distance (everybody sees him and ranged combat is always possible).
There are no mandatory rules on how many battle cards every player has to play (players are considered defenders, so no weapon cards are mandatory needed). Everyone decides for himself how much strength he is able or willing to spend on the defense against Velik-an (spend cards will be refilled up to hand size of 6 at the end of the battle). That's why a small secret bidding has to be performed ... All players throw their combat cards simultaneously (i.e on three) on their play areas (dashboards), reveal those spend cards and count the results. But a 0-bid is totally allowed and often possible, because of many reasons... Possible results are:

1) GIANT'S TOTAL DEFEAT - If the total strength of all played cards from all players is equal or higher than the giant's total strength (players number x 10), then Velik-an is seriously beaten and retreats to his mountain to recover (leaves the map until the end of the current week).

2) GIANT'S REPEL - If the total strength of all played cards from all players is equal or higher than the giant's HALF STRENGTH (players number x 5), this meets the minimum requirement to fight Velik-an back in the current battle. No player takes no harm in this case, but on the next day this whole scenario repeats again.

3) ALLIANCE'S LOSS - If the total strength of all played cards from all players is lower than the giant's HALF STRENGTH (players number x 5) - this means that it doesn't meet the minimum requirement to repel Velik-an even temporary - then the giant moves (always after bidding and clearing) and smashes parts of some cities in his new range after movement, to cool down his rage. So in general nobody is totally safe.

.... Who is affected: In general - all player's cities in range after movement. Then the player who put the highest strength in the battle is SAFE for this turn - the giant will leave his cities untouched even if in range, because he respects the courage of this player! (If tied on the highest level - all those players are safe!) The player who put the lowest total strength in the combat will suffer damage for sure, because the giant despises him and hits him first. (If tied on the lowest level - all of them take some damage). The rest of the players will probably take some random damage or not! If a city of a certain player is in Velik-an's range after movement, than it could suffer some damage according to a die roll, if the player throws an ODD number. If the result of his faction die shows EVEN, than the lucky fellow is also safe for this turn, he evades the giant's anger by chance. (If all players are totally tied highest=lowest level - then nobody is safe and everything is solved by a personal faction die roll!)

The damage is always considered: downgrade two city levels (per affected player) in Velik-an's range by player's choice - you can also split the damage between 2 cities. (In other words 1 city x 2 levels or 2 cities x 1 level ).

Playable with: 2, 3, 4, 5, 6 players on a standard or extended map.
Publisher's recommendation - 4, 5, 6 players on extended map.

Miniature size: 39 x 88 x 52 mm

Base: 30 mm

Color: dark purple - Battalia's color for neutral miniatures.

Content: 1 x cardboard box with 1 miniature - box size approx. 43 x 91 x 53 mm

Tip: Avoid mixing it up in the same game with too many other aggressive NPCs, if you want to keep the grade of distraction from your main victory goal on a lower level and do the opposite if you're looking for more challenges.

*NCBC is a collection of mini expansions based on neutral big scale figurines, which are designed to enlarge the immersive Battalia universe, introducing a whole bunch of new strategic possibilities to the players and adding completely new adventure elements to the basically competitive plot. In general they don't belong to any faction (resp. to any player) and can be played in different combinations with the basic game or with the BIG!Expansion. We don't recommend to mix more than 3 different types of NPCs in your games in order to avoid higher complexity. But you can mix them in totally different combinations, which ensures the long-term replayability and excitement in this game universe. Normally the NPCs have small complementary rules, which are provided only online on Battalia's home page battalia.eu as high resolution printable PDF files. The miniatures are distributed in small packaging boxes with custom artwork as separate items or possibly in bundles.

Attention: Rules are not final, you can find them later on our homepage!
You can find all printable PDFs in English and possibly later even some language versions in our section battalia.eu/rules under "COMPLEMENTARY RULES FOR EXTRA COMPONENTS", which will be continuously updated over time. At the moment we are uploading only rules, which are finally designed, tested, layouted and overall completed. Please note, that the majority of the rules for the Neutral Characters Battalia Collection (NCBC) are in different "work in progress" stages and will be finalized after this pledge manager starts. We will add them to the page as soon as they are ready. We highly appreciate your patience, thank you in advance!

Some examples of different painted Battalia miniatures:

Find more general information on battalia.eu (for the moment mainly about the basic game, but all stuff is continuously updated) : rulebooks and reviews in different languages, discussions, videos, downloadable content & interesting details around the whole Battalia universe!

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