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BATTALIA: The Stormgates by Fantasmagoria Games LLC
A competitive, fast paced, strategic deck builder, which combines map construction, hero and area control and unique calendar mechanics.
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Highly detailed, large scale, boxed miniatures of the Moody (6 pcs). Member of NCBC. Size: 2.4 x 3.8 x 2.7 cm. Estimated delivery 09.2017. Available for LATE PLEDGES. +$1 for worldwide shipping - flat rate per add-on unit (unit= six boxed miniatures)
8.0 x 10.0 x 4.0 cm
53504 / BSG-MS6M

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MOODIES - members of the Neutral Characters Battalia Collection*
Set of 6 identical miniatures - small mercenary pets

"If you're small and wayward, it doesn't mean that you are useless, right...? Ok, it's not always easy for the master, because we're a bit erratic too and we always want to be fed, fed, fed... otherwise unhappy and this means, bad support for the master and short list of possible wishes.... But if we're happy and in a good mood - master will be satisfied too, this means - long list of wishes for happy master... And last but not least - we are very jealous and just need to be "THE ONE AND ONLY" for the master!"

Appearance: When the player decides to pay the hiring cost. You need as usual a combination of cards (one lord + two supply cards) to hire the small mercenary pet - Moody. Moodies are very jealous, so only one pet is allowed per player.

Movement: Moodies move always attached to the hero who hired them, without spending additional cards for Moody's movement.

Effect:  Moodies have 3 general states of mood - happy, coy & miserable.

HAPPY: when moody was fed (one supply card per turn) AND sits on its native terrain (always consider the native terrain of its current master) - both conditions need to be fulfilled: <==> CONSEQUENCE: When happy, moody is able to manipulate some artefacts in a similar way like the divine powers of the Sun Oracle - they call them "wishes for the master". Thus 2 more artefacts gain double power this turn (besides the illuminated one), but only for moody's master - those additional 2 will be the "neighbors" on the left and on the right of the illuminated by the sun artefact on the oracle wheel.

COY: when moody was fed (one supply card per turn) OR sits on its native terrain (always consider the native terrain of its current master) - only one of two conditions need to be fulfilled: <==> CONSEQUENCE: When coy, the moody is still able to use its powers and "fulfill wishes for the master", but it is a way more erratic. The player throws a D6 die and according to the die roll starts to count beginning with the oracle vane next to the illuminated one clockwise. Besides the illuminated one, there are 6 vanes/6 artefact symbols on the outer wheel, so the D6 die in the role of the moody will decide which artefact will gain in addition double power only for its master.

MISERABLE: when moody wasn't fed (one supply card per turn) AND doesn't sit on its native terrain (always consider the native terrain of its current master) - none of two conditions is fulfilled: <==> CONSEQUENCE: When miserable, moody unknowingly spreads bad aura and blocks the divine magic of the Oracle, which doubles the illuminated by the sun ray artefact. In many cases this is not a big problem, but sometimes could be really essential for the master, so pay attention to keep your mercenary pet always in a good mood. 

- Mechanics design is still under development, changes and adjustments are possible!

Playable with: 2,3,4,5,6 players on a standard or extended map.

Miniature Size: 24 x 38 x 27 mm

Base: 24 mm

Color: dark purple - Battalia's color for neutral miniatures.

Content: 1 x cardboard box with 6 miniatures - box size approx. 80 x 100 x 40 mm

Tip: Normally the number of all moodies available for hiring is equal to the number of players, but optional you can try to play with less moodies (player number -1 or -2), so this would stimulate a small competition for hiring them and the first players will have timely advantage, but the lasts could try to "steal" a mercenary pet from an opponent, offering for it a higher bet (i.e. one lord with 3 supplies) when on the same spot.
Alternative you can try the really jealous version, when a moody meets another master with a mercenary pet and both of them became INDIFFERENT on the spot - they do nothing, no matter how their masters try to seduce them (no effect of food and natural environment). This is the totally "negating" mood for both moodies, when on the same terrain card.

*NCBC is a collection of mini expansions based on neutral big scale figurines, which are designed to enlarge the immersive Battalia universe, introducing a whole bunch of new strategic possibilities to the players and adding completely new adventure elements to the basically competitive plot. In general they don't belong to any faction (resp. to any player) and can be played in different combinations with the basic game or with the BIG!Expansion. We don't recommend to mix more than 3 different types of NPCs in your games in order to avoid higher complexity. But you can mix them in totally different combinations, which ensures the long-term replayability and excitement in this game universe. Normally the NPCs have small complementary rules, which are provided only online on Battalia's home page battalia.eu as high resolution printable PDF files. The miniatures are distributed in small packaging boxes with custom artwork as separate items or possibly in bundles.

Attention: Rules are not final, you can find them later on our homepage!
You can find all printable PDFs in English and possibly later even some language versions in our section battalia.eu/rules under "COMPLEMENTARY RULES FOR EXTRA COMPONENTS", which will be continuously updated over time. At the moment we are uploading only rules, which are finally designed, tested, layouted and overall completed. Please note, that the majority of the rules for the Neutral Characters Battalia Collection (NCBC) are in different "work in progress" stages and will be finalized after this pledge manager starts. We will add them to the page as soon as they are ready. We highly appreciate your patience, thank you in advance!

Some examples of different painted Battalia miniatures:

Find more general information on battalia.eu (for the moment mainly about the basic game, but all stuff is continuously updated) : rulebooks and reviews in different languages, discussions, videos, downloadable content & interesting details around the whole Battalia universe!

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This product is part of Kickstarter campaign and will be delivered within 7-8 months from January 2017.

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