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BATTALIA: The Stormgates by Fantasmagoria Games LLC
A competitive, fast paced, strategic deck builder, which combines map construction, hero and area control and unique calendar mechanics.
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Ultimate Guard Supreme Card Sleeves - 8 x 50 = 400 Sleeves / Thickness 115 µm / EXTRA DURABLE / Perfect for intensive shuffling. This bundle covers+ all cards in the base game Battalia: The Creation CEdition. +$1 for worldwide shipping - flat rate per add-on unit (unit=2 packs).
80х80х80 mm

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Ultimate Guard Supreme Card Sleeves
8 packs x 50 Sleeves / Thickness 115 µm / EXTRA DURABLE / Perfect for intensive shuffling.
High quality from a German house.
Retail value $26.40, you save approx.$6.40
This set covers all the cards included in the base game Battalia: The Creation CEdition.

  • If you are a backer only of the Stormgate pledge you should pick the 6 Packs set (includes all bonus SG cards).
  • If you are a backer only of the Stormgate pledge, but you want to sleeve also the Alternate Terrain Deck (116 cards add-on) + all standard & bonus SG cards from the Stormgates campaign of course, you should pick the 8 Packs set.
  • If you are a backer only of the Creation pledge you should pick the 8 Packs set - it covers all cards from the CEdition basic box - this includes all bonus cards from the first campaign.
  • If you are a backer of the COMBO pledge you should pick the 8 Packs set + the 6 Pack set (this is not enough for alternate terrain deck add-on, but covers all SG bonus cards from both games).
  • If you are a backer of the COMBO pledge + Alternate Terrain Deck add-on you should pick the 2 x 8 Packs set . This covers everything including all bonus cards from both games and alternate terrain deck.

Supreme & Premium packs differ only in the quality of the material, respectively in the price category. The packaging is exactly the same = 50 pcs./pack, so you can choose your configuration from the options above for both quality levels.

Extra high clearness:
The extra high clearness of the material ensures a genuine image quality with unaltered contrast and colors.
Acid free - No PVC:
This product is completely free of PVC and acidic materials and therefore ideal for collectible cards.
For professional gameplay:
Low reflective surface and no holographic logos. Ideal for tournament use.
Ideal fitting and size:
Perfect fitted sleeves for a safe handling and a great playability of your cards.
Prevents bent corners and scratches:
Keeps your most valued cards in a mint condition to preserve their value and usability.
Longer playability and lifetime:
The extra durable material prolongs the lifetime of your cards and keeps them playable, even during heavy use.

About the brand UG: Ultimate Guard has established itself very rapidly as a synonym for high quality and innovation in the market of trading card games and collectors. Our products are designed by collectors for collectors to extend the life of cards, comics and figures and to maintain and increase their value over a long time! 
Combining advanced functionality, intelligent design, premium quality and economic pricing, ULTIMATE GUARD's mission is to provide specialized protection and storage solutions to the collector, gaming and electronic devices markets around the world.


Find more general information on battalia.eu (for the moment mainly about the basic game, but all stuff is continuously updated) : rulebooks and reviews in different languages, discussions, videos, downloadable content & interesting details around the whole Battalia universe!

Pledge now and save at least $5.00 from MSRP + GET GRATIS 46 UNLOCKED STRETCH GOALS.
This product is part of Kickstarter campaign and will be delivered within 7-8 months from January 2017.

You can try the demo of the game on Tabletopia.com
Click on the image below to navigate to the game.


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