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BATTALIA: The Stormgates by Fantasmagoria Games LLC
A competitive, fast paced, strategic deck builder, which combines map construction, hero and area control and unique calendar mechanics.
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1 copy of BATTALIA: The Stormgates BIG!Expansion Game Box Crowdfunding Edition + ALL 46 unlocked stretch goals !!! The products are part of a Kickstarter Campaign Open Pledge Manager. Estimated delivery time is 09.2017. Feel free to place a LATE PLEDGE order.
30 x 30 x 10 cm
53480 / BSG-BEENCE

Product description

A competitive, fast paced, strategic deck builder, which combines map construction, hero and area control, with unique calendar mechanics and a bunch of new adventure elements.

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SHIPPING COST for this pledge level: USA & Canada = first item $15 / additional $8 ; EU = first item $12 / additional $7 ; BG = first item $3 / additional $2 or free pick up from Fantasmagoria shop in Sofia ; ROW = first item $20 / additional $10.

Тhe BIG!Expansion Box contents:
  • 2 new factions: Complete gameplay material for the new factions - The Wolfsclan and The Sunblessed:
- 40 units, - 42 artefacts, - 38 terrain, - 40 supply cards and - 32 city tokens
  • 2 new pairs of miniature heroes for both factions (male & female version as always)
  • new units with higher ranks: Kings & Queens - 12 cards for all 6 factions in the game
  • new tokens with higher city levels: 6x level 6 for all faction capitals and 12x level 5 for summer and winter residences
  • 6 Stormgates cards
  • 6 Stormevent cards
  • 6 Heroic mode tokens
  • 6 Potions - special tokens
  • 8 Battle Bonus Cards (2 additional + 6 new)
  • 2 additional VP Marker Cards
  • 30 additional Ring Markers
  • 8 Time markers (6+2)
  • one game board Extension: 7x4 grid (very useful to play even with less players on a bigger map)
  • additional NPC mini: Bilkarr O'the mountain people
  • another additional NPC mini: Metamorpha
  • one D4 directional Die
  • a Rulebook for the expansion in English (translations as PDFs in 10 languages)
  • many of the unlocked SG cards, tokens and boards (see below) will be directly included in this CEdition BOX (for example: 6 additional Stormevents, 12 Trade Posts tokens, 12 Chest Cards, 12 Stardust Cards, 8 Fanatics Cards - Deck I+II, 7 New Great Artefacts + 3 Fortune Cards, 10 Valley Of The Kings Scenario Cards, 10 Valley Of The Queens Scenario Cards and 2 additional player Dashboards)
  • all unlocked SG free miniatures (the 2 new Hero Sheets as well) will be delivered separately in their own boxes: The RUIN Guards, 6 x ARMAMENTUM: City Defense Weapons, RAMMOTH: Deleo-Arx, The Star-Smuggler MORGENSTERN!

Stormgates expansion is not just a player number upgrade, but very much more...
scroll down and check all sample pictures below

Find more general information on battalia.eu (for the moment mainly about the basic game, but all stuff is continuously updated) : rulebooks and reviews in different languages, discussions, videos, downloadable content & interesting details around the whole Battalia universe!

Pledge now and save at least $5.00 from MSRP + GET GRATIS 46 UNLOCKED STRETCH GOALS.
This product is part of Kickstarter campaign and will be delivered within 7-8 months from January 2017.

You can try the demo of the game on Tabletopia.com
Click on the image below to navigate to the game.

General Game Concept:
BATTALIA is a medium weight strategy game for
2-6 players, ages 14 and up (using The Stormgates expansion).
It combines the mechanics of map construction, deck building, hero and area control and a unique calendar. 

In this game of creation and conquest the players will send their heroes on an epic journey to explore new territories and take control over neutral or enemy cities. They will hire battle units, and acquire useful artefacts, with the greater goal to create mighty nations and unbeatable armies. Every player will construct roads to gain access to new map areas and will build or upgrade cities, in order to expand his domain and to earn victory points. Battalia: The Creation can be won through intensive development and growth of your own city system, or through aggressive play of war and conquer, capturing opponent's settlements.

Base Game Features:
  • Language independent
  • Basic game mode (the easiest mode for beginners)
  • Advanced game mode for experienced players
  • Alternative game scenario - The Bleeding Horn of Destiny (CEdition)
  • The Unbound Faction of Mercenaries (CEdition)
  • Modular map, built during the game
  • Highly detailed big scale miniatures
  • Unique cards purchase mechanics
  • Unique calendar mechanics
  • More than 130 unique and immersive artworks

BIG!Expansion Features:

The expansion Battalia: The Stormgates includes the following new features:
  • Components for 5th and 6th player.
  • Team play - shortens the downtime and makes the game even more dynamic - 2 modes with 6 players: 2 teams per 3 players each OR 3 teams per 2 players each.
  • Brings a lot of new strategies to the game.
  • Official Heroic mode.
  • Variety of exotic setups like 4 players on a bigger map with map extension and Stormgates.
  • King and Queen cards - units with higher battle strength, capable of upgrading your level 4 cities for points.
  • Capitals and Royal Residences - cities with higher defensive strength, giving even more victory points.
  • Stormgates - portals which transport your heroes to distant locations on the map.
  • Stormevents - new adventure elements. Different effects triggered when heroes pass through a Stormgate. 
  • Metamorpha - new NPC character with big impact on the game. Provides a lot of new opportunities for development, depending on the terrain it stands on. Speeds up the game flow.
  • Bilkarr O'The mountain people - another NPC character, which provides new strategies. Herbalist, travelling around the world, selling magic potions. All potions have different effects, which boost the player's' powers.
  • ... and many more in different combinations of the extended game material, plus all unlocked SG extras!

Important note: NO RETAIL version of the Stormgates CEdition expansion box is scheduled for 2017 due to many meaningful reasons. For now we are completely focused on our backers and the Kickstarter community and practically this late pledge opportunity is almost the only way to secure your copy of the expansion box worldwide. We will produce and deliver only insignificant quantities of the game to the retail, just in order to round up our production numbers - that's the plan for the moment!
This situation could change of course, if we find cooperation partners on later stage.

Here you can take a small sneak peek at some of the components. Of course there are multiple copies of the most of the shown cards and tokens - in total more than 260 cards including all unlocked bonus cards.

Read this preview article for more details and to see some minis in rotation :)

Our Battalia Universe is already well known as a perfect "game engine" or gaming sandbox for new mechanics and developments. So we've created for you a bunch of interesting new stuff and during the Kickstarter campaign the following 46 stretch goals were successful unlocked. For more details please refer to our KS page:


VALLEY OF THE KINGS & VALLEY OF THE QUEENS SCENARIOS combined together on the extended map.


... and that's all folks - HAPPY PLEDGING :) !



10 notable quotes about the basic game:

1.       "A truly amazing game. My first game of the kind ( deck building and more). Amazing art. For a casual gamer like me ( most of the games I own take up to 30 minutes to play) the fact that I spare the time to play it (so far it is more than two hours for a four-players game) only shows the real awesomeness of the game. Did I mention the AMAZING art??? And I bet that I have only scratched the surface of the gameplay..."

2.       "Highly competitive game. Game play is full with unexpected outcomes."

3.       "Truly a remarkable game that will reward continued play and developing deeper strategies with more experience. Deftly combines a smart deck builder with area control and some very direct confrontation to make a really enjoyable game!"

4.       "I played it yesterday night with 2 others friends ! The game caught all my attention, it's a very good game, beautiful and amazing equipment. Love all the mechanisms working together.. Thank you Fantasmagoria for this Pearl."

5.       "Thanks for making such a fantastic game! The game is great, the minis are great, the art is great, the other components are great, the world is begging for expansions and perhaps other games, high replay value, killer job!!!! What more could we ask for?"

6.       "Stunningly beautiful game that is also a lot of fun, can't wait to see play more of it"

7.       "It is mostly fast-paced....you have many strategic paths to choose from...battles are very nice and gives much tension.... road-building is especially nice with the advanced rules...Overall I am really glad that I bought this game. Everyone (including my wife!) has enjoyed it so far and I am looking forward to many more of them."

8.       "What a surprise! I didn't expect it to be as good as it turned out to be...."

9.       "I was blown away by the production quality. Besides nice thick card-stock, the art was even more fantastic when seen all together, the mini's were second to none and the player boards were phenomenal."

10.   "Enjoyed every minute of it!"