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Project overview

Change Up, is a unique fast-paced memory card game, It's five-card monte with friends!

Welcome to the Change Up Pledge Manager. If you are a current backer you can use this to add additional copies of the game to your order, manage your address, and confirm your pledge. If you are coming in after the campaign you can use this pledge manager to get a copy of the game or one of the limited remaining copies of the Kickstarter Editions.


Missed the Kickstarter, Don't worry here you can get the games, Deluxe and Base for a limited time only.
  • Change Up Base Game

    Change Up Base Game

    $13.00 $15.00
    A fast-paced unique memory game, It's 5 card monte with friends.
  • Change Up Kickstarter Edition
    Same as the base game but with an exclusive box and 2 exclusive action cards!


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