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FlickFleet: Xeno Wars by Eurydice Games Ltd Eurydice Games Ltd
A new stand-alone expansion for the FlickFleet space battle dexterity game which adds two new alien species and rules for more than two players.

Project story

2 - 4
Play time
20 min
8 +
two player
This is the pledge manager for the fifth FlickFleet crowdfunding campaign. This campaign introduced a new stand-alone expansion called Xeno Wars to the FlickFleet space battle dexterity game. Xeno Wars adding two new alien species to FlickFleet along with multi-player rules that allow you to play FlickFleet with up to four players when combined with the base game.

You can pledge for Xeno Wars, or FlickFleet and Xeno Wars. There's also a print and play pledge if you have access to a laser-cutter or a 3D printer. In addition, there's a long list of scenery pieces, extra ships and bits and pieces, several of which are extra copies of things already included in the boxes above. The descriptions of the add-ons tell you whether they are included in a box or not. Note that we have limited stock of the gunboats, Option 13, behemoth, weapons platform, shipyard and Uprising cruiser.

If you are new to FlickFleet and interested in late pledging to the campaign skip down to the What is FlickFleet? section below for more information about FlickFleet and Xeno Wars including links to the rulebooks and reviews.



What is FlickFleet?

FlickFleet is a tactical 2-player space battle dexterity game in which you flick your ships into position and then flick dice at your opponent's ships to damage their systems and destroy them. It's an indie labour of love made by Paul and Jack of Eurydice Games in their homes in the UK. Watch the tutorial below to find out why it has an average rating of 8.1 on BGG

It usually plays in about 20 minutes, but if you want a longer game you can build larger fleets with the ships in the base game box:
Etched contents of a deluxe base game box

The base FlickFleet game supports two players: one playing the Imperium of Earth and another playing The Uprising.

For those of you new to FlickFleet here are the rulebooks for the existing content:

Xeno Wars

FlickFleet: Xeno Wars is a new stand-alone expansion for FlickFleet. You can play two-player games using nothing but Xeno Wars, or you can combine it with the FlickFleet base game (and any of the previous three expansions: Scenario and Scenery Pack, Box of Flicks 1 and Box of Flicks 2) to play with up to 4 players (5 with Box of Flicks 2 as well).

Etched contents of a deluxe FlickFleet: Xeno Wars box
Xeno Wars introduces two new alien species, unable or unwilling to converse with the humans from the base game. We call them The Hive and The Storm, who knows what they call themselves. The Hive have organic ships that rapidly heal and spew out a seemingly endless stream of parasitic boarding pods that can quickly destroy a ship from the inside out. The Storm's fleet wields incredible firepower, are very manoeuvrable, and their shield generators are more resilient than our own. Though they are generally weaker in defence and tend to swoop in to attack before retreating to a safe distance.

Click on the image above to read the English rules.

We've also had a backer of previous campaigns, Dennis Beyer, translate the rules into German.

Xeno Wars introduces two new asymmetrical factions to FlickFleet and new boarding rules to the base game, along with the rules (and extra components) to support up to five player games when combined with the base game and Box of Flicks 2.

You will be able to back for a copy of Xeno Wars or a bundle that includes both the base game and Xeno Wars. The previous expansions will be available too.

Alternatively, if you have access to a 3D printer or a laser-cutter, you can get the Print and Play files to make your own copy of Xeno Wars (print and play files for the base game and previous expansions are currently available from our website).

Pledge Levels

The FlickFleet: Xeno Wars ships will be laser-cut in Paul's garage from 5mm thick acrylic. They come in two versions: 
  • deluxe which are etched with detail and the ships' names for the capital ships,
  • standard which are unetched.

The etching takes three times as long and requires more effort to clean and sort - hence the higher price. To make the deluxe versions better value for your money, we fulfil them first; sign, number and inscribe them on the inside box lid; and can personalise them to (to e.g. <first name>, the <last name> family, <kids names> or just something fun - we've done a few 'To boldly go's!).
Deluxe ships showing etched names and detail

Choose from the pledge levels below and you'll be able to include the other expansions as add-ons while stocks last.

Add On Packs

You can add the base game (already included in the Bundle pledges above) and any of the existing expansions (Expansion 1: Scenario & Scenery Pack, Box of Flicks 1 and Box of Flicks 2) to your pledge. For full details of their contents check out the FAQ section.

Why Back Now?

FlickFleet is a true indie labour of love made by two guys (Jack and Paul) on a laser-cutter in a garage in the UK. Due to the small print runs, FlickFleet will not be available in retail afterwards (excluding a few local stores), only via crowdfunding and our website. Due to the war in Ukraine and other problems our costs have risen a lot. It was our intent to price Xeno Wars the same as FlickFleet, but that's unfortunately not possible. However, if you back this campaign not only will you get a 10% discount on the products and heavily subsidised international shipping but we'll also match the 2018 price of FlickFleet for Xeno Wars.


We ship small volumes from Paul's garage, so I'm afraid we cannot offer customs-friendly shipping outside the UK & EU - you may be liable for customs/VAT fees when the pledge enters your country. Shipping prices are as shown below and will be charged based on the number of boxes you pledge for (including the Big Box if that is unlocked). Adding several smaller add-ons might bump you up a category too.

For pledges from the EU, Gamefound will collect your country's VAT during the pledge manager and then we will be using GamesQuest to deliver the games DDP (Delivered Duties Paid) so you will not have to pay any import fees or handling fees to release your parcels - they should arrive directly.

Please note that due to the war in Ukraine we cannot ship to Ukraine, Belarus or Russia.


Click on any of the below quotes to read/listen/watch the review!
FlickFleet: Xeno Wars Reviews

FlickFleet Reviews

About Us

Eurydice Games make fast, fun Craft Games. Like Craft Beer. Small runs of unusual things. 

We make the games in Paul's garage which means we can turn them around quickly (no delays for slotting into busy factory schedules or international sea freight).

We're not competing for retail shelf space so we can put our games in small boxes and ram them full of content.

Eurydice Games is Jackson Pope and Paul Willcox - the designers of FlickFleet.

Jack and Paul met through gaming and games publishing sixteen years ago, when Paul volunteered to blind-playtest Jack's first game: Border Reivers. Since then we've become best of friends united by a shared love of board games and crafting gaming projects.

We formed Eurydice Games Ltd in 2018 to publish FlickFleet and our first Kickstarter ran from Nov-Dec 2018 followed by our second in Oct-Nov 2019. During COVID-19 restrictions we ran a couple of little campaigns in July 2020 and April 2021 that really blew up. We've fulfilled all of the pledges for all those campaigns and based on the rave reception it's getting we want to share FlickFleet with more people, and share more content with our fans. This campaign was yet again our best ever.

Here's a couple of videos of Paul's process:

Thank You!

Thank you for considering pledging for our campaign we hope you come along for the ride and get to find out how fun FlickFleet is for yourselves.

Refunds and cancellation

We will fully refund pledges cancelled before they ship.