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FlickFleet: Box of Flicks by Eurydice Games Ltd Eurydice Games Ltd
Extra ships for FlickFleet: the tactical space battle flicking game.
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Project overview

FlickFleet is a space battle dexterity game where you flick your ships into action and then flick dice from them at your opponent's ships to damage and destroy them. With a play time of about 20 minutes it's a fast, fun game with surprising tactical depth. This campaign lets you get the game, the first expansion and/or a number of exclusive add-on ships to build out your fleets for larger games.


Individual Deluxe Add-Ons

Individual Standard Add-Ons

These are the standard, unetched versions of the ships.

Deluxe Boxes

Standard Boxes


Things that are not included within the Everything! and All Add-Ons pledges.