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King Arthur's Vortex Chess by El Fenix Games El Fenix Games
Vortex Chess is a tactical Chess-like game, set in Arthurian Mythology. Merlin Ambrosius defending Camelot against Medraut ap Lot.

Project overview

A game of skill, tactics and luck set in the Arthurian world designed by Marcin Malinowski with art by Jakub Głąb. Vortex Chess sees Merlin Ambrosius defend Camelot and King Arthur against the forces of Medraut ap Lot. Take control of the Stone Circles and use the cards to move your minions to vanquish enemies. Before they vanquish you!

Vortex Chess is language independent; chess look-alike game. Quick to learn (about 10 mins), but just like chess, will take a life time to master. It is a 2 players competitive game with 1-4 players expansion. With time of play about 25 miniutes

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