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The Age of Atlantis by El Dorado Games El Dorado Games
A competitive, engine-building, civilization game. Become the most powerful house in the legendary city of Atlantis.

Project overview

For hundreds of years, the city of Atlantis was a self-sustained, booming civilization in the middle of the ocean. According to actual Plato writings, Atlanteans had discovered a new powerful element called Orichelum within their city. Orichelum advanced their technology faster than any civilization the world had ever seen. The Atlanteans were able to create and power giant machines called Myths to defend the city from relentless attacks from the outside world trying to take their precious Orichelum.

The Age of Atlantis is a highly competitive, engine-building, civilization-like game. You and your friends are each an asymmetric noble house trying to become the most politically powerful. You’ll grow your house’s population, discover new technologies and cultures, and defend your city. All while trying to keep Poseidon, the God watching over the city, from flooding the city. The noble house that has the most political power at the end of the game will be the winner and rule the city.

The Age of Atlantis

  • Core Box + Pre-Painted
    One copy of The Age of Atlantis (KS Edition) with 12 Myth minis hand-painted by a crew of talented artists.
  • 4.7 Inch Metal Poseidon
    This 120mm solid metal massive figure will have its own stand-alone box and insert for safe storage.
  • All-In Bundle

    All-In Bundle

    105,00 $ 112,00 $
    This bundle includes one copy of the KS Edition, all pre-painted minis, and the 4.7 inch metal Poseidon.
  • Core Box

    Core Box

    59,00 $
    One copy of The Age of Atlantis (KS Edition).

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