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Legend Academy by El Dorado Games El Dorado Games
Attend a prestigious institution where characters train to become tomorrow's legends. A competitive, deckbuilding, card crafting, worker placement, adventure game.

Project story

1 - 4
Play time
90 min
14 +
deck building

Why Back Now?

Stretch goals ( - / - unlocked)


What to Expect

What's in the Box?

How to Play

View the Rulebook here (work in progress). You can give feedback on the rulebook here.

Adventure Novels

We've also unlocked The Tales Paul Bunyan, Arabian Nights, and The Lost World!

Playthroughs / Reviews

Development / Playtesting

Want to play the game now? For the past few months we’ve been blind playtesting and getting feedback from people all over the world using Tabletop Simulator! We already know the game is fairly balanced and a ton of fun, but with the insane number of card crafting/equipment combinations possible, we're betting there are still a few broken combos we need to find. We want to work together as a community to make this game as great as possible! If you want to play the game now or become part of the playtesting community, watch the Playtester video below.

We will also be naming all playtesters (that give feedback) in the rulebook because you helped improve the game!

Currently, we have 2 scenarios fully completed (Gulliver's Travels part 1 and 2). The others scenerios are still being designed and playtested, and we'll be sharing them with you all throughout the campaign and after. We're so excited to playtest them all with you!

Quackalope Discord Invite Link: https://discord.gg/QM3Q3rb

Shipping / VAT / Timeline

The cost of shipping will be charged after the campaign. When our pledge manager is sent out via email, you will be asked to fill in your address and be charged for shipping at that time. Prices will vary based on your region and address.  Prices listed below are estimates only and may be subject to change.

In our previous campaigns, we shipped games locally out from our UK, DE, US, AU, and CN hubs and we plan to do the same for fulfillment on this campaign. Due to new import tax laws in areas like the UK and the EU, VAT & other regional taxes associated with the backer’s region will be added to each pledge in the pledge manager. We need to be compliant with these new laws while being transparent with all of you about how we're handling them! The tax will be added during PM to your account, based on your location. Charging VAT separately within Gamefound will ensure that each backer will pay for the correct amount charged by their country's laws.

Prices for shipping and production prices have been quite volatile the past few months, so we have added a range of shipping estimates in this campaign. We'll try to get them as low as possible, and obviously would never profit on shipping charges.


If you'd like the Deluxe Edition of Legend Academy in your Friendly Local Game Store, email us at support@eldorado.games. We'd love to help!

The Team

Nick and I (Daniel) met in 2006 during High School, where we worked on many creative projects together. We started a marketing and design firm in 2015. As a side passion project, we developed our first game (The Island of El Dorado) to launch El Dorado Games in Fall of 2017, and we've since completed 8 campaigns. 

We've learned SO MUCH from these other campaigns. It feels like every campaign teaches us something to make the next campaign even more fun!

We want you to be part of the team! We're making this game for ALL of us to enjoy. So, let's work together and make it as great as it can possibly be! Playtest with us, give us feedback, and join in on the fun community!

Follow us on FacebookInstagram to see more updates on the project!

We'd love to get to you know personally and Discord is a great way to chat!  Join our Discord to chat with us!

Risks and challenges

We've successfully delivered to 15,000+ backers around the world their games a month or two early! We successfully fulfilled 6 campaigns to backers all of there world, and are very confident that we will deliver these games to you. That being said, there is risk of delays anytime you manufacture a game overseas. We saw unexpected delays like this on our Age of Atlantis and Windward expansion campaigns when dealing with the freight situation due to COVID. As you can see from those campaigns, we continually update our backers to keep everyone informed and get games to everyone as quickly and efficiently as possible.

Our partners (Panda Manufacturing & Funagain Logistics) are very experienced with manufacturing and fulfillment, and we've done everything we can to make this a smooth process going forward. 

By pledging to this project, you acknowledge that the final look, materials, and content of the project are subject to change and may differ from what is presented on this page.

Refunds and cancellation

If you do not log in and confirm your pledge within 4 weeks of our notification via email to do so, you agree that we have fulfilled our obligations to you in full for payment or donations received. If you contact us to confirm your pledge after the 4 week window has elapsed, we may choose to either refund or ship your pledge at our discretion. When you confirm your pledge within the aforementioned 4 week window, you agree that our responsibility to you is to ship your order as entered into our pledge management system and you agree that title and risk passes to you upon delivery to a common carrier for such shipment.

If you'd like to request a refund or cancel your pledge, email us at support@eldorado.games