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Fantasy Battlegrounds - RPG scenery & wargaming terrains by e-Raptor e-Raptor
Printed, easy to set up environment elements. We are bringing more immersion to your campaigns!
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Project overview

We are passionate about beautiful, durable accessories, both for board games and TTRPGs. We wanted to help players experience their adventures with even more emotions.
We have prepared three groups of products: Constructions, 8 Plexiglass thematic sets and Maps printed in high-quality UV technology, covered in varnish to be realistic in look and touch!

The printing technique we use gives you a realistic representation of the texture. The terrain constructions look made from real bricks and wood. You will really feel timber and brick under your fingers when you touch them. The maps give you feel like you are on real stones, grass, and ruins.

You can see our kickstarter campaign here.

Plexiglass RPG scenery sets

Ground tiles for RPG

Plexiglass RPG scenery sets + ground tiles

HDF Constructions

Wargaming ground (22" x 30")

HDF Constructions + wargaming grounds