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Resonance by DTDA Games DTDA Games
State your purpose, witch! Resonance is a maleficient card game. You take on the role of a Witch, hurt and humiliated, but determined to take revenge by summoning a demon. Round after round, you will place Ritual Objects to enter them in resonance with the current Moon. If the 8 Moons are locked with the 8 Ritual Objects needed to summon your demon you may have won the game.

Project story

3 - 8
Play time
20 min
10 +


Stretch goals ( - / - unlocked)


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Quick how to play

In Resonance, you try to summon a demon to take the most extreme revenge.
You will have to manage Ritual Objects and Spells to lock the 8 Moons and reach the right combinations to summon your demon.

Players select a Witch and her Spells. They also receive a Demon card with 3 levels of combination, as well as a hand of Ritual Object cards and 1 Incantation card.
The first Transient Object is revealed inside the summoning circle. Players will have to quickly take a decision and complete one action among the 7 available.
During this round, players can secretly bid Ritual Objects. Herb, Mineral or Potion, the most present object type will be locked on the current moon.
They can also cast a Spell. Depending on the Witch who cast it, the effect can be more or less dramatic.

At the end of each round, players check their Demon card to see if the locked Moons match their Demon's level. Once a player reaches a level, he receives an Incantation card.

The first player to reach the level 3 win the game by being the first to summon his demon and the revenge can take place!


The rules are still a work-in-progress, the final version will be reviewed by a professional editor.

Play The Demo Game

Try Resonance now via your browser or Steam on our app Beyond the Board.



The definitive shipping charges will be handled after the campaign via the pledge manager. The estimated costs below may be subject to change. Please note that adding add-ons will increase the cost of shipping.

The estimated time of delivery for the first wave is February 2023.

If you live near Paris, you can come and withdraw your game at our workshop, the DTDA Lab (3 rue Frédéric Loliée, 75020 Paris). To withdraw your game, select: "British Indian Ocean Territory" as your delivery country.


Hear, hear Retailers!
If you think Resonance can allure to your audience. If witchcraft is of your taste. If you are not afraid of gloomy and dark, then maybe you could welcome our revengeful witches in your lair ;)
During the campaign, retailers can pre-order Resonance - Deluxe version. After this campaign, retailers will be only able to order the Standard Version of the game.
If you want to know more about our retailers offer, please contact us at: contact@dtda.fr

The Team

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Refunds and cancellation

After the campaign's end, you can request a cancellation of your pledge by addressing an email to contact@dtda.fr. Please note that we will deduct 10% for Gamefound and refunding fees. Your refund will be processed via Paypal in EUR.
Be aware that if we started the shipping phase of your pledge, no refunds will be possible.

Risks and challenges

This is our 7th crowdfunding campaign, we produced and shipped board games and art books. Each one of our campaigns brought its share of unexpected experiences, and we learnt a lot from them. Even though we still can't control time and space in the end!
As always we will update you about the progress of the production and shipping. We'll share with you what is happening behind the scene: the happy news as the less happy (hoping there won’t be any).
The game in itself will be manufactured within EU, with a trusted manufacturer who, so far, never let us down. Please also note that delays for the production has been extended since the COVID-19 crisis and the shortage of some materials.
This is the last paragraph of the campaign page, if you read so far, we hope we convinced you to join us on this trip :) Thanks for reading, and thanks for your support!
DTDA Games Team