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Mistflowers: A Warrior Goddesses Collection by DTDA Games DTDA Games
A collection of watercolors portraits featuring warrior goddesses from around the world

Project overview

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After Bloodflowers and its warrior queens, we continue our exploration of women warriors with this collection of warrior goddesses.
Throughout history, war has been an integral part of civilizations and their cult. The uncertain outcome of the conflicts was often attributed to the mood swings of the deities.

According to the mythologies, several gods could preside over the domain of war, each covering different aspects, as for the Greeks where Ares represented war as a form of violence and Athena as a tactical art. Other mythologies linked the violence to the creation myth, and placed a warrior goddess at the top of their pantheon.

We introduce to you through Manon 'Stripes' Potier's brush, about thirty portraits of these deities in armor. The myths that surround these fighters have circulated and inspired many legends. They also help us to understand our past, and can shape our future!

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