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Light Hunters: Wind of the Dunes & Tide of Atlantis by DTDA Games DTDA Games
A team-based fighting game set in a heroic fantasy universe. Light Hunters is back with a second expansion and an exclusive Pandora box & new Duel mode.
This project only accepts orders from backers at this time.
Darkness of Pandora

Darkness of Pandora

The Pandora Box is exclusive to Kickstarter and includes the base game and every expansion for Light Hunters.

Product description

Light Hunters is the perfect game to ruin a friendship or to decide who will do the chores in your relationship. Opening the game is like opening a famous ancient box…

Pandora Edition is exclusive to this campaign, the box art has been redesigned and an holographic effect will be applied.
This version includes the second edition of the game and the Expansion I at a preferential rate.