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Light Hunters: Wind of the Dunes & Tide of Atlantis by DTDA Games DTDA Games
A team-based fighting game set in a heroic fantasy universe. Light Hunters is back with a second expansion and an exclusive Pandora box & new Duel mode.
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Project overview

Mighty hero, gather a battalion of fallen heroes and hunt Spirits of Light to reach your redemption
Discover (or rediscover) Light Hunters with an exclusive edition including expansion I & II.
Light Hunters Expansion II adds 8 new Heroes and a new game mode to the base game of Light Hunters: Battalion of Darkness. At the beginning of the game, players can choose their heroes among the 4 of Wind of the Dunes or the 4 of Tide of Atlantis. With the addition of new tokens for some of the Heroes, players will be able to make a skill last more than 1 round, which bring a new level of strategy and counter pick to Light Hunters. When selecting a team of Heroes, players will have to be mindful, as the Heroes cooperation becomes more intricate.




Efemeris is our second game, a celestial race to domination full of strategy and poetry. For those who want to get a chance to explore deeper DTDA Games universe, with a reduced price!