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Legendary Dice Bags Season 2 by Drawlab Drawlab
The most beautiful dice bags in gaming! Full printed and durable microfiber dice bags with art from your favorite board game artists.

Project story

game components

Legendary Dice Bags are premium bags for your favorite game components. Store your dice and coins in style, shuffle the tokens of your favorite game in a thematically appropriate bag with a smooth feel. You can even select our XL bags to fit more than 70 dice!    

Legendary Dice Bags information

Legendary Dice Bags Presentation

Legendary Dice Bags Season 1


Legendary Dice Sets



Woosung Boardgames

Hungry Gamer

Kas - The Dice Odyssey 

Riley- Desks and Dorks

Pudgy Cat Games - Another Awesome Game Upgrade

Isaac- Gaming with Sidekicks

Nils Herzmann- Cyril's Brettspiele (review in German)

Selecting Rewards

Choose exactly the number of game accessories you need using our Rewards below. 
 You can select more than one rewards or even select the same reward more than once. You can also include some Addons to your pledge. 

After you select a Reward or Addon we will ask you what design you would like to get. If the reward includes more than one items (e.g 4 dice bags) we will ask you once per item to make sure we have your order correct.

Make sure to check out the Bundles section where you can find the best value!




Shipping always needs to be considered and handled carefully, especially with campaigns as complicated as our metal coins or dice bags campaigns.

We have learnt a lot through the years about the fulfillment process and we are working with people we know that will be careful to do a thorough job within the provided timelines.

This campaign is EU, USA and Canada friendly. That means that if you are in one of those regions you will not pay any additional fees whatsoever other that the ones shown on the Shipping Table above. These are the estimates of the final prices, no extra import fees included.

Shipping will be paid on the pledge manager after the campaign.
All backers of the 6th Legendary Metal Coins campaign will have free shipping in this campaign since we can bundle the rewards from both campaigns and deliver them at the same time when all are prepared. 

More information will be shared during the project and after the campaign is over we plan on updating with a guide to make the whole experience even smoother. 

Additional VAT fees will be charged as needed to EU backers.

About Drawlab Entertainment

Drawlab Entertainment: We are a boardgames publishing company that also manufactures anything made of plastic or metal. Drawlab Entertainment was created through crowdfunding , after our first board game, Spells of Doom  was funded in 2014. Since then we have had 8 succesful Kickstarter campaigns funding both board games and board game accessories but continuing publishing games through traditional distribution.
 Our most notable titles are Fired Up, When I Dream, Alice in Worldand, Mystic ScROLLs,  and our Legendary Metal Coins and Legendary Dice Bags.

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Risks and challenges

We have already received final samples from the manufacturer and have already made sure everything is ready to get to press as soon as we are funded!
Regarding shipping, we are always looking for the best possible partner to work with to avoid any problems. Please read carefully all the information on the Shipping Section of the campaign and have in mind that the shipping tables are subsidized estimates of the shipping quotes we have received from the fulfillment partners we are working with, if these change we will have to adjust.
We plan on providing regular updates during and after the campaign regarding all aspects of the campaign. Manufacturing, Packing, Shipping and as soon as we have any estimates confirmed we will provide them to you. We are also offering free shipping to backers of our 6th Legendary Metal Coins campaign, bundling the dice bags with the orders you have already placed.

We will also have a pledge manager live after the campaign, here on Gamefound. Backers need to complete their order and provide a shipping information before the deadline. We do NOT guarantee the same shipping prices and benefits to any backers that do not provide us with their information within 12 months after the campaign is closed.

Finally, Drawlab Entertainment can not be held responsible for any delays caused from exogenus factors such as natural disasters but will give their best to overcome these in reasonable time.

Refunds and cancellation

During the crowdfunding campaign you can freely modify or cancel your order. Gamefound only collects your payment at the end of a successfully funded campaign. 

After the campaign, if you would like to resign from a part of your pledge or cancel your order, you can contact our customer support team and request a partial refund or cancellation. We offer a 97% refund for the first 3 months after the campaign (3% administrative and payment processing costs) and a 91% refund after 3 months (9% administrative and payment processing costs). The refund (after deduction as mentioned) covers both the pledge and the shipping price. Processing of your refund request shall not take more than 30 days. 

If you receive the game and any component is damaged or missing, our customer service, upon contact, will be happy to send replacements. Please note we offer this service for the period of 24 months after the product was delivered.