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Platformer by Awaken Realms Lite Awaken Realms Lite
Platformer is an adventure, quick, funny game with a lot of negative interactions! The title is inspired by platform games from the 80s and the 90s.

Project story

2 - 4
Play time
60 min
12 +
video game
Plaformer is 2-4 player miniature Board Game introducing light, competitive gameplay that you have never seen before! Climb on platforms, fight monsters, gather gold / points / items and most importantly - race with your friends! This Board Game brings light, extremely FUN experience for family and friends - prepare for tons of laughs and cunning against your opponents! 
Once you end your turn on a spot without a platform, or someone pushes you out of it, you fall down to the next platform below you. Be prepared for some hard landings... and will you be able to catch up?

You may also use the gravity mechanism in your favor. Why not push a monster onto your enemies and instigate a fight? That seems like a lot of fun. Not to your enemies obviously.

In each game you generate a map totally randomly out of many tiles that you’ll find in the box. It may be an easy way up to the top but might also be riddled with lots of monsters and traps. Also you uncover the next level only when you’re about to reach it, which makes it unpredictable and challenging! 

On the very very top there’s an Archenemy waiting for you. You may know them from the stories, they are legendary primal monsters such as Cthulhu or Medusa. The Bosses have their own set of special attacks, which you will have to face. Will you be able to kill Medusa before she turns you into stone?

Collect gold coins and spend them in the market! Here you may buy some items that will help you during the game. There are many weapons or potions that do crazy stuff, so make sure you choose the right equipment!
We all love the games that you may play a lot of times and each of them seems like a brand new experience. That’s the essence of Platformer! Randomly generated dungeons and monsters, lots of items on the market, and many characters. Every game will bring new challenges! Make sure you can catch up! Inside the box, you will find 6 different characters, 3 great antagonists, and many, many minor opponents!