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Lands of Galzyr by Snowdale Design Snowdale Design
A storytelling adventure board game set in an open world filled with colourful and adorable animalfolk! This peculiar and engrossing journey supports 1-4 players, with both competitive and co-operative game modes.

Project story

1 - 4
Play time
100 min
14 +
Lands of Galzyr is an adventure board game set in an open, story rich world. The game can be played both competitively and co-operatively with 1 to 4 players – different players can effortlessly join in and drop from the endless campaign between games.

Story-driven adventure: Acquire prestige as a cunning adventurer by facing new quests, challenges, and colourful animalfolks every step of the way on your wholesome journey to become a legend!

Open game world: An adventure of a lifetime awaits. Delve into Galzyr and experience the joys and thrills this vibrant and peculiar land has to offer by going wherever you wish and doing whatever you want.

Save mechanism: Your actions have consequences, both immediate and far-reaching, leading to compelling gameplay. This is true between games as well, as each game picks up where the previous one left off.

Gameplay highlights

Digital storybook

Lands of Galzyr utilises a digital storybook with many advantages over traditional physical books.

Ease of use: Our digital adaptation is intuitive and easy to use.

Spoiler free: You only see the parts you should see at any given moment.

Updates: We can update and polish the storybook even after release.

And more!