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Ravaged Star: Armies of the Veil-Touched by MiniWarGaming MiniWarGaming
Expand your sci-fi miniature collection with the corrupted Veil-Touched and their fervent disciples.

Project story

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Ravaged Star is a new line of highly detailed sci-fi miniatures for use in your favorite tabletop games. This crowdfunding campaign is for the first faction, the Veil-Touched, and includes corrupted soldiers hellbent on destroying any and every planet within their vast reach.
Lord Davicus and his army were tasked with exploring the other side of the Veil, an enigmatic shimmering wall on the edge of the known universe. After three weeks of communication silence, they were declared dead, and their mission shelved. Sixty years later Davicus and his men emerged from the Veil alive, but forever changed. An alien corruption pulsated within their hearts, bending their will to a new master...


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Box Content Summary

Holy Freaking minis Batman! You've asked for it and now you're gonna get it. Talk about value! What you see here are all the miniatures included in the War Pack. You'll have a healthy amount of plastic to sink your hobby teeth into and paint to your heart's content. In addition to the beautifully detailed Lord Davicus, you're getting 12 Executioners and 12 Marauders slaying their sworn enemies. And it wouldn't be complete without the 12 Valkyrs revving their way through shields and armour. To support this onslaught of fury, we've got 12 Enforcers laying down covering fire as the 6 elite Reborn make short work of any foe foolish enough to advance towards them. For $119 you'll be hard-pressed to find this many models at this level of outstanding quality.
As if you didn't get enough in the Veil-Touched War Pack. Oh, we're just gettin' started! In the Dominiran War Pack, you'll get Lord Davicus after he has gone through the Veil. He now wields a blade imbued with an enigmatic power. An army wouldn't be complete without foot soldiers to fill out the ranks. You'll receive 10 Cult of the Veil, 10 Servants of Asalia, and 10 Dominiran Unbroken models. To back them up we've also got 5 Goreti and 5 Vatra laying down the heat as these ladies charge into the fray. Lastly, the ground shakes as 2 huge Asalian Abominations blast their immense long-ranged weapons into the enemies of Davicus and his Veil-Touched.
Prepare for the massive might of this collection! I now introduce the Armored Carnage War Pack. You’ll receive 1 Lord Emerath ripe from the Veil. He leads the army’s tracked convoy with deadly precision. You'll get 5 First Slayers, 5 Black’s Gavels, and 5 Veil-Touched Vukovi. To assist these armored infantry we’ve got 2 Veil-Touched Convoy VTAT “Carnage” (Veil-Touched Armored Transports). Finally, barriers crumble as 1 Blockade Breaker clears a path for the convoy to wreak havoc on the foes of the Veil-Touched. 
You’ve demanded awesomeness, and we were compelled to oblige! Per your feedback and suggestions, we’ve created the Horrors of the Veil War Pack. In this demonically-infused set, you’ll get an alternate Lord Tyrach riding his Breacher. 1 Asalian Dreadterror swoops down from the air and pounds the ground with his impact attacks. In his wake, you’ll see 7 Wretched Sorrows and 7 more Wretched Spites. From the rearguard, you’ll hear 1 Asalian Devourer stomping its way through bodies and buildings alike. And lastly, to follow up this incursion of fear, Yisharra Shepherdess of the Damned personifies horror like no other being in existence. 

Detailed Box Content

Every backer who purchases the Veil-Touched War Pledge will get the Ascended Elite Pack absolutely free! The Veil-Touched Ascended are elite squads of soldiers who have shed their past lives in pursuit of absolute power. They are ruthless, deadly and without fear.
The mysterious corruption beyond the Veil left none of Davicus’s army unchanged, but some were affected more than others. These monstrous abominations serve as the workhouses of the Veil-Touched, using their incredible strength to wield massive weapons of war.
Of all the Lords that returned from the Veil, Emerath is by far the most reckless. Nothing encapsulates his command strategy better than the Blockade Breaker, a modified VTAT “Carnage” built for both speed and durability. To date, no vehicle christened with the name has ever seen a second battle. Emerath points at a target, usually a gate or wall, and the driver of the latest Blockade Breaker barrels into it. The vehicle’s wake is immediately filled with Death Chasers, Pulverizers, Eviscerators and Lord Emerath himself.
Nightmares become safe havens compared to the sound of a stomping Asalian Devourer. This siege-crawling engine of pure horror pounces indiscriminately on any who exhibit life. With its combined speed and power, there’s very little that can withstand the charge of this demonic war beast. 


The armies from beyond the Veil have been designed in “heroic” 32 mm scale and will be produced in high quality PVC. These miniatures can be proxied in any wargame/boardgame you desire or just collected and/or painted to showcase your inherit good taste in tiny plastic people. 
Flanked by his loyal Veil-Touched Cleavers, Lord Davicus prepares for the final assault on the high command of Rohalinth Prime. Once sworn to protect the capital and all its allied worlds, now Davicus would see the planet burn until nothing remains but ash and bone.

The Rohalin Vanguard has been stretched thin across multiple fronts for years, making the arrival of the Veil-Touched a significant breaking point for Davicus’s former comrades.
Lady Maksima traveled through the Veil under protest, believing Davicus’s quest to be a foolish use of vanguard forces. Sixty years later she returned the living embodiment of the wisdom of her apprehensions, twisted in body and mind. 

While her dedication to the mission was certainly in question when the vanguard entered the Veil, Maksima’s ruthless execution of her new god’s will leaves little room for doubt concerning her loyalty. 
The corruption of Davicus and the rest of the vanguard was slow, seeping into their consciousnesses over the course of decades. Feint whispers spoke to them, at first comforting and even emboldening, eventually demanded acts of utter madness.

Not everyone survived the mental and physical onslaught, but those that did were forged anew with a drastic shift in both purpose and morality.
The people of Olmios IV were simple farmers when Lady Maksima arrived on their remote planet. Through conscription, torture, and execution, the Veil-Touched forged the survivors into devout servants, desperate to please their new god.

Vallahra had never even seen a starship when the Veil-Touched arrived, her isolated innocence decimated along with her village. She lasted longer than most to Maksima’s torture, finally succumbing after weeks of excruciating pain.
The corruption that flows through the veins of the Veil-Touched has twisted their bodies and given them strength and stature well beyond the reach of normal humans.
Davicus’s childhood friend and most-trusted comrade-in-arms, Lord Tyrach is a masterful tactician and a brutal combatant. When Davicus was tasked with exploring beyond the Veil, Tyrach did not hesitate to join him. He was at Davicus side when they crossed that mysterious barrier but was conspicuously absent from the ranks of the Veil-Touched when they returned decades later.
After Lord Davicus’s expedition ended in apparent failure, the Rohalin Vanguard left a single research outpost near the Veil. Manned by little more than a skeleton crew, they were unable to even call for help before the entire research station was destroyed by Lord Davicus’s armada.

Think we can’t make our awesome renders into awesome minis? Check out Lazy Squire Games’ amazing final production PVC miniatures from Stormsunder, in hand (mine).


These shipping prices are based on estimates on weight and size of the miniature boxes without unlocks. In addition, shipping costs may rise (as they have in the past year) beyond what we are able to compensate for, so please keep that in mind when backing this, or any, crowdfunding project. 
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