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Wild Assent - Lavon Rising by Lazy Squire Games Lazy Squire Games
Wild Assent is a 1-4 player RPG board game with solo/cooperative and PvP game modes, beautiful miniatures and thrilling gameplay. The Lavon Rising expansion adds more heroes and creatures and a compelling story-based campaign with multiple endings that you won't need to rearrange your life to finish.

Project story

1 - 4
Play time
75 min
14 +
Wild Assent: Lavon Rising is a reprint campaign for Wild Assent, the questionably named and overly- ambitious board game from Lazy Squire Games. We’ve learned a lot since we first started making the game, in terms of design as well as manufacturing and fulfillment. We’re taking that hard-earned knowledge and putting it back into Wild Assent, to make a great game even better.
The relationships we’ve cultivated over the past few years have allowed us to do things we couldn’t during the first campaign, like offer full-printed games in multiple languages. What’s more, since the core game and Shadow of the Silvestrem expansion are already designed, we’ll be sending them out earlier than Lavon Rising, so you won’t need to wait as long to battle in the arena or hunt in Wilds.


Gameplay Overview

I went to the Wilds once. A flower ate my horse and then a dinosaur ate the flower. Assuming the dinosaur was an herbivore, does that mean he lost his vegetarian cred? I certainly didn’t hang around to ask.
“Vareclea’s Meddling” can range anywhere from fervent booing to massive storms, so it would behoove you to keep her entertained. Better to dance a thousand jigs than be forced to outrun lightning once, is all I’m saying.
The myth of Lavon ends with her lifeless body sinking into the depths of what is now known as the Godfell Swamps. It was a day of great sadness for all her followers as well as the local waterfront real estate agents.

Playthroughs & Reviews

The videos for Wild Assent keep rolling in. Get it? No? Never mind. Stay tuned as we get closer to the campaign launch and the reviews, playthroughs, etc start piling up.

Alex gave Wild Assent a 5/5 in the comments of the video which is akin to writing it on the back of the Declaration of Independence in invisible ink.

After previously being defeated by our 2-mini promo box for Stormsunder: Heirs of Ruin, King of Average is back to show he can not only open boxes, he can analyze their contents down to the finest detail. Don't tell him, but I had trouble getting that promo box open the first time too (Magnets: How do they work?).

ON TABLE Board Games' gameplay overview of Wild Assent's Hunt mode with miniature close-ups so intense, I pulled my blankets up to my nose.

ON TABLE Board Games takes a 4K look at Wild Assent. Game looks so crisp, it might as well be an apple.

Another unboxing? Madness! Why would we show this? Well, because Adam decided to show every single card. That's dedication, and a dangerous prospect as I don't see no sleeves on them there cards.

Check out Rolling Solo's Hunt Setup video to see exactly where it's about to go wrong as he's totally going to get eaten by a flower or something. The Wilds are no joke.

Adam Smith of Rolling Solo takes a detailed look at the encounter rules from the Hunt mode. Either that or he has a really active imagination.

Rolling Solo offering something I’m not sure any other video does: a chance to hear Fani and Berlyne pronounced correctly.

Rolling Solo finishes out his Hunt mode series, showing how you take names after kicking… well, you know.

I’m really jealous of Jeremy Howard’s shirt. I couldn’t pull off a shirt like that in Hawaii at night during a power outage.

El Gremio de Mecenas has the most accurate intro of any video on the internet.

If you look carefully, you'll see Genus Solo added a little fire animation to the encampment board. I can almost smell that food cookin'.


We won’t be able to manufacture Wild Assent’s miniatures in Unicast again, so we’re going to need all new molds for all the minis from the first campaign. With that certainty comes an opportunity: to out-do what we did before and make Wild Assent’s miniatures even better.
Zaxos, Fani, Illithena and Berlyne are the “OG” seekers. Plus, their names are pretty Fani, almost Berlyne.
Not all the creatures in the Wilds are that big, but it only takes one to eat you. Then you’re just a statistic. And dinner. You might say you're statistically delicious.
Please note the word “Pledge” there. No, you don’t get the mini just for following. You will need to follow and pledge (when the campaign launches) to secure your free dino-riding ashcarii. Still pretty awesome, though!
These two miniatures (Aleksander above, Jaden below) are final PVC miniatures Stormsunder: Heirs of Ruin. This is the kind of quality/detail we plan to have for Wild Assent.

Lazy Squire Games

We here at Lazy Squire Games are dedicated to making fun board games with solid mechanics, captivating lore and gorgeous miniatures. We made Wild Assent, which is delivering now. We’re making Stormsunder: Heirs of Ruin (shameless plug/like/comment/subscribe -> late pledge here), and we want to make Wild Assent (again). Wild Assent was a learning experience in a lot of ways for us, and we used that knowledge to design Stormsunder which we want to then pay it forward and feed back into Wild Assent . Basically, we’ve stepped up our game significantly since 2018 and now it’s time to take the Wilds to a wider audience, so even more people can get eaten by new and interesting monsters.