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SA-RÊ by Nostromo-Editions Nostromo-Editions
Sa-Re is a strategy game for 2 to 4 players with a clever mix of resource management and push-your-luck mechanisms, for a unique gaming experience.

Project story

2 - 4
Play time
80 min
14 +
terrain building
resource management
The Pharaoh must decide which of his children, the Sa-Re, will be worthy to rule the kingdom when he abdicates the throne.  To prove their worthiness he requires each to embark on a mission, to build a Pharaonic city.  The most successful will prove their ability to rule!  Each will be given the same resources and a building site.  Success will depend on how the players motivate their workers to work harder to acquire resources without causing them to revolt and stop progress.  As they build their cities they can earn bonuses that will help them achieve their goals!

How to play ?

The buildings and their functions

Structure of a production season


Components of the Retail Version

Components of the Deluxe Version

Stretch Goal

Why follow us ?

Why support us ?

Who are we?

Nostromo edition is a French board game publishing company created in 2021 by François BACHELART, player and author for decades. Aetherya, our first game, has been a great success and is currently sold in French-speaking countries and in Germany.

It is not a one shot! We are launching SA-RÊ, our first crowdfunding project, and the stakes are high: we need your help to make this campaign a success, which will allow us to launch many other projects already designed!

Any exclusives during the campaign?
Even if the game (in its retail version) will be released later in shops, we commit ourselves to deliver it to our backers first as quickly as possible. All of the stretch goals offered are exclusive to this campaign and will not be available afterwards,

Deluxe version!
The deluxe version comes with 3D buildings and will not be available in retail. SA-RÊ is the result of more than two years of work by a team of enthusiasts and we thank all players who took part in our tests and contributed to its development.