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The Gatherers: Tiny Kingdoms Tabletop Roleplaying Game by Half-Monster Games Half-Monster Games
Become tiny warriors just two inches tall, living in your attics, cellars and walls! This charming action-filled tabletop roleplaying game is like a mix of The Secret World of Arrietty, The Borrowers, and Dungeons and Dragons, and you can play in all the rooms of your actual house with our unique Physical Play game mechanics

Project story

2 - 8
Play time
3 h
5 +

The Story 📖

In this TTRPG you can play all around your actual house, the Gatherers are tiny folk that live among us, in the walls, roofs and beneath your floorboards. They gather things from us humans, who they call Giants and fear above all else. Gatherers live lives of constant hiding; however, they have a rich culture of clans, kingdoms and even empires for you to explore. 

When you sit down to play a session of The Gatherers with your gaming group, you will teleport to the world of the small under the guidance of your Game Master (GM). 

You will choose a goal for each session and then take your characters on an adventure to achieve that goal. You’ll build homes around your house and relationships with the other Gatherers and sentient animals that live nearby or even in your territory. 

The lives of the small are full of challenge and adventure! Welcome to the world of The Gatherers, where your tiniest dreams come true. 

Read the most up to date rulebook here:

Feature Spotlight 🌟

Our Artisans, Shrunks and Voidseers have been working hard to craft this magical mix of giantech and voidcraft - our Half-Monster App that will bring the world of the Gatherers to life before your very eyes!

With the Gatherer Companion Card Decks, you can use our free augmented reality app to see 3D models projected right above the cards on the table, shelf, or wherever you place them. With touch controls, your Gatherers can move from their cards into the Home rooms to rest and craft, into contact with enemy creatures to fight, and even interact with eachother when their cards are pushed together. See below how work is already progressing on this amazing feature:

The free Half-Monster Games Gatherers app will also allow you to create characters, track health and items, level up, roll dice for your skill checks, track your kingdom, and keep up to date with all the latest news and expansions planned for The Gatherers: Tiny Kingdoms Roleplaying Game!

Check back soon for more details...

Stretch Goals 🔥

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Add-Ons 💪

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How to Play 🎲

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How to Make Your Gatherers 🖋

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How to Explore 🧭

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Crafting from Items and Components ⚒

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Fighting and Combat in the World of the Gatherers ⚔

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Create custom spells with Voidcraft magic 🔮

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Creating a Kingdom between your walls 🏰

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You can also take advantage of the Home Room Companion Cards to lay out your home on any flat surface you wish, and event see the rooms appear before your eyes in Augmented Reality! The free Half-Monster Gatherers App will allow your characters to appear on the cards, and even let you move your Gatherers into different rooms throughout your tiny stronghold.

How to build a Kingdom in your home - and your neighbours'! 👑

Check back soon for more details...

Decks of illustrated cards that help unleash your imagination 🔖

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Impressions and thoughts from reviewers around the world! 🕵

Board Game Dad

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“This journey begins in your very own home. In this unique RPG you are encouraged to use your physical environment as inspiration for your story-telling as you explore your world from a tiny perspective. 
A lazy house cat suddenly becomes a deadly beast intent on hunting you. A coat hanger becomes a glider. Will you plot against the "giants" or befriend them? The options are endless and the world really is your oyster in this game. 

"As a player of a Gatherer, your job is to breathe life into the character you've created." 

You'll begin by creating a character and their origins and then adventure forth and design their destiny! 
The Gatherers guide provides instructions for point and play or physical play as you work within your Clans to help your Gatherers to survive and thrive in the giant's world!

"The lives of the small are full of challenge and adventure!" 

I don't have a lot of experience with Role Play Games, but after taking a sneak peak at the guide for The Gatherers and getting that sweet nostalgic kick from my years growing up on The Borrowers and Arrietty, I feel like it's a world I'd be ready to shrink down to explore! “

Michelle the Treasure Belle

"I love the idea of creating an adventure that takes place right inside of my house. This concept really stirs my imagination and I am so excited to try this game!"

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Boardgames, Paints and Handstands

"It has a very unique setting where you create your own character that is tiny enough to live in your cupboards, garden,  walls, and more.  Your environment is the actual world around you and can be variable to where you play the RPG. 

I really like that your own physical environment can affect your gameplay and that the resources that affect your characters can change based on what is in the room.  

As I read through the story and rules,  I also really appreciated the examples and definitions that went with the storyline.  I thought this was a great addition to help players understand the new world and basics of RPGs."

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The Cardboard Paradise

"An awesome concept that I could see myself playing in different locations, to really see what adventures the different environments give these characters. If you were a fan of the Borrower's movie back in 1997, then you are going to adore 'The Gatherers'. I just love that fact that I'll be able to create a world right around the contents of my living room or kitchen. Can't wait to get stuck in!"

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Happy Meeples

"The concept sounds very cute. I would love playing and RPG with small creatures and animals pillaging from giants."

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"The Half-Monster guys present us a fantasy world that hides in plain sight, where everything around us can become part of the journey. They submerge us in this adventure of being a Gatherer through lovely art that reflects the love and commitment they pour into each of their projects.."

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Better Half Reviews


Shipping and Manufacturing ⚓✈

Your total shipping amount will depend on your region, your pledge level, and any custom add-ons you have included, and will be charged and calculated after the campaign ends via BackerKit (which is integrated into Gamefound!) We will be doing our own fulfilment from the Half-Monster warehouses in Australia for AU/NZ, Hong Kong for EU/Asia, and through Funagain Logistics for the USA/Canada/South America. Unfortunately, we cannot ship to Russia or other regions experiencing significant conflict in the world atm. Please let us know any custom situations you may have, however, and we may be able to arrange!

This matrix is a cost estimates, and is subject to change, but we will be working throughout the manufacturing/fulfilment process to reduce costs as much as we can whenever we can.
Shrunk pledge levels have no shipping fee because they're sent with Giantech metalightning magic, so don't need to travel the great waters!

Pledge Level 1 2-4 5-6 All-In+
Australia $10 $15 $25 $40
USA $10 $15 $25 $40
Canada/EU (VATincl) $20 $25 $35 $55
Asia $15 $20 $30 $50
Other Worldwide $30 $35 $45 $65

Meet the team of monsters who are making the Gatherers for you 👻👽👾🤖😈

Check back soon for more details on these goofballs...